About 42 years ago, the first experimental aircraft “the Hopeless Diamond” flew out of the “Have Blue”program in December 1977. It is considered the first true Stealth plane. The goal of his top-secret development was to reduce the radar shadow of the plane on the size of a bird. Because of the development of air defense missiles during the Cold war, the US feared their air superiority came to the troops of the Warsaw Pact to lose. At least this is a scenario that threatened them in their by-played scenarios.

The long-range spy planes U-2 and later the SR-71 “Blackbird” were painted with radar color absorbing, the shape of the SR-71 reduced-section the radar cross-section. As a result, the Jets were not so easily to places, but by no means invisible. They left it to the flight height and the SR-71 also by the tremendous speed-to-air missiles escape.

SR-71 Blackbird: The fastest Jet in the world – now retired Fullscreen

Eisüberkrustete nose of an SR-71.

©US Gov Unfreiwilige help from the USSR

The breakthrough for the construction of a real Stealth Jets, the US discovered-scientists, ironically, in an earlier Russian work by Pyotr Yakovlevich Ufimtsev. The developed mathematical models could calculate the radar reflection of a geometric shape. The lead developer of the United States, Ben Rich, called this set of equations later, the “breakthrough for the Stealth TechnDologie”.

And on the Stealth technology, the air superiority of the USA is based until today. The competing great powers, China and Russia are first-come 2017 and prototypes. Some of the Jets has been to Beijing already in use.

Impotent opponent

with the Stealth technology, the Jets have to get back to the superior role that you had at the beginning of the Second world war, when there were no powerful Radar. The only difference is that The planes of the opponent to be detected by the Radar. The imbalance would provide the aircraft of the United States a unique advantage. So as the combat aircraft of the Second world war on the fabric-covered double would go Decker the first.

the second test aircraft of the program, HB1002, was able to convince in a practical test against radar installations and air defense systems. The HB1002 was not discovered by the defenders at all. Both prototypes crashed, the program was continued.

arms deal S-400 Triumph, Putin’s missile, the Stealth Jets of the USA from the sky takes it From Gernot Kramper

this concept was based of the first military Stealth Jet, the F-117A Nighthawk. Experimental aircraft and F-117A remembered in your square Design to elongate, polished diamonds. The angular forms were not necessary, in order to reduce the radar reflections. The reason was quite different: The former Computer couldn’t calculate the reflections, round, and complex shapes. It is not a coincidence they looked like the three-dimensional objects in early computer games.

The development of the prototype was strictly secret. The Public discovered the Stealth technology, first by the role of the F-117 in the Panama Invasion of 1989 and the Gulf war of 1990. Today, the strategic Bomber Northrop B-2, the kampflug stuff the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and the variants of the F-35 family will use this technology. In principle, the requirements of Stealth Designs are not easy to manage, the aerodynamics must withdraw behind the appropriate Anti-radar form.

air superiority Struna-1 – Russia’s radar, the case against invisible Stealth Jets By Gernot Kramper Is the end of an Era?

In recent years, there are signs that the Era of the invisible planes could pass. The Stealth technology only absorbs the radar beam in a conventional radar systems. Now it seems possible, however, that the so-called Passive Radar-technology military could be used. Or that it is able to gain from the reflections on the other so far useless frequencies weaponized signals. During a crisis in Syria, said the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs, General Igor Konashenkov, “that all the illusions of these Amateurs may encounter on the existence of ‘invisible’ Jets, a sobering reality”.

only the direct competitors of the US military have about this Anti-Stealth technology. As long as there is no conflict between these powers, all the assumptions are highly speculative. On the other hand, the Stealth have reached Jets, their successes so far against technologically backward opponent.

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Gernot Kramper