Artificial intelligence is part of according to a recent study to everyday life of consumers and increases in the consumer electronics importance.

In the first line to be used in appropriate solutions at the moment for mobility and transport, resulted in a representative study, which has given the industry company gfu in the run-up to the IFA in Berlin in order. But also in the relevant industries KI take an increasingly important role, stressed the gfu in Berlin on Wednesday.

So 80 percent of the respondents KI already use for traffic management, or plan to use, such as the survey of 2000 households in Germany showed. Meanwhile, 68 per cent of taxes but also their smart entertainment devices via voice or have this. 63 per cent use appropriate solutions for the Live Translation. And household appliances 57 percent of the respondents taxes by language with the help of AI.

The attitude of the population in Germany to the Artificial intelligence to be overwhelmingly positive, said Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the gfu, in Berlin on Wednesday. Generally speaking, consumers would see the greatest Benefit in the medical technology, face detection, Traffic control and in Industrial manufacturing. The main reasons for the rejection of such technologies would be in the protection of privacy (60 percent of respondents), as well as of the opinion that the applications are not yet Mature (59 percent).

At IFA, this year from 6. to 11. September in Berlin, will present the major manufacturers, especially your solutions for the smart networking of their devices. Samsung mobile boss Dong Jin Koh had only recently declared the end of the Era of the smartphone. Instead of via the phone let entertainment and household appliances of the language in the future, more and more intelligent control.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer wants to provide the control and networking of entertainment devices this year and again in the foreground at the fair. From 2020, all products will be networked. “The benefits of the products are no longer defined by their Hardware,” said Samsung Manager Mike Henkelmann. The more so, the ease of use will be the big issue.

From the autumn, aims to expand Samsung in Germany, too, his “smart things”product line. At IFA the company is showing more devices, including water – and movement sensors that can be used with the SmartHub to connect to. So far, Samsung had sold his Hub is available exclusively via Vodafone, together with a home camera. The control centre for the Smart Home will be open at the same time as a platform for the products of other manufacturers. “We believe that a “true” Smart Home is only with an open network of partners possible,” said Samsung Manager Thorsten Böker. To Start products of more than 80 partners in Germany would be supported.