two weeks Ago, Apple celebrated again its great iPhone Show. The group unveiled three new phones, all of which are faster, better, and some models are even greener than its predecessor. The cameras have more lens, the batteries are thicker and they are full of superlatives, as the companies offer at every opportunity stressed. Basically everything, as always, was in Cupertino.

And yet something has changed: previously, the new iPhone is the undisputed Star, is dedicated to Apple products besides the phone more attention.

The has been already advanced on the developer conference in June, as the iPad and the Mac in the center. Last September, the Apple Watch Series 4 steel the iPhone, the Show. And also this time, the small at the emotional climax was In a movie with Apple’s customers, whose life was saved by the Apple Watch. The message was clear: Smartphones and Tablets may be technically impressive, but the watch you can owe his life.

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“We thought, because someone is looking for attention”

As such messages for the first Time in the network course, to sympathise with many of you for cheap, directed advertising. The skepticism was great, not only in media but also in the case of Apple. “When we received the first letter from a customer, in which he wrote that the Apple Watch saved his life, we thought since searches only for someone to pay attention,” says Jeff Williams in an interview with the star. Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Apple, the right Hand of Tim Cook. The 56-year-old is responsible for the health care Team and was deeply involved in reaching in the development of the watch. Since the departure of Jony Ive, he also directs the Design Team.

fall detection a life-saver Apple Watch – a mountain biker wakes up after the fall in the ambulance on painted Mans

But it was not in this letter, there are many more followed. Currently, reports in the media, in the world of a man who fell while mountain Biking and so seriously injured that he was unconscious. Its Apple Watch called as the automated emergency call and has transmitted the location data, and shortly after, woke up the man in the ambulance. “We would have thought at the beginning that it would assume such dimensions,” said Williams.

the future outside of the pocket

The iPhone is still highly profitable and will remain, at least in the medium term, the basis of the business. About half of the money Apple earned with the phone. However, with around a billion users with growth potential to a large extent.

The group makes no secret of the fact that he sees his future outside of our pockets. “If you will later look back and wonder what was Apple’s greatest contribution to humanity, it will go to health,” said Tim Cook in an Interview at the beginning of the year. And no product stands for this Transformation of the group, such as the Apple Watch.

the watch was unlock Presented in the fall of 2014 as a technical Jack of all trades for the wrist, with the hotel rooms and in the evening a round of Jogging. With the support of other sports, Apple wanted to tap into new target groups. To medical functions was not there at all. “Originally, we do not have a built-in heart rate monitor for health reasons in the PM. For us, it was just a matter of to calculate the calories burned in activities as accurately as possible,” says Williams.

Interview with the New heart functions using ECG Really a life saver? The a chief physician to the Apple Watch Series 4 Of Christoph Fröhlich

But the letters from the customers led to a rethink says. The group was aware of the fact that he conquered with the wrists, the heart of the people, in the truest sense of the word. Now Apple pushed forward with each Generation, the development of a Fitness watch to a medical device. In the meantime, the Watch can even record an electrocardiogram (What is a chief doctor for an ECG says function, you can read here).

the progress is A question of responsibility

As impressive, he basic raises a number of questions. In contrast to medical device manufacturers, Apple is only in the past few years in this market. And it is not a thing, if the mouse cursor works as it should. A completely different caliber it is, if the algorithm is to detect heart arrhythmias in error.

With great Power comes great responsibility – what is true for Spider-man, applies for a large international group. “In health functions, we proceed with the utmost care,” says Jeff Williams. “We know that we have a high level of responsibility. We wanted to make it to the ECG necessarily correct, especially since we are the first to be in such a scope active. Therefore, we have initiated the Apple Heart Study. It was the largest study of this kind in history,” said Williams.


Sumbul Desai during the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference

©Brittany Hosea-Small AFP

Together with the University of Stanford, the company prepared a study for the evaluation of the notifications of an irregular heart rhythm of the Apple Watch. More than 400,000 participants took part in the study. And that was just the beginning: a few weeks Ago, Dr. Sumbul Desai announced she is Vice President of Health of Apple and belongs to the most renowned Experts of the USA, the group uses the possibilities of the Apple Watch to launch three additional studies.

So they wanted to find out, among other things, together with the world health organization, what are the factors that affect the health of the hearing. This study is the first of its kind, to understand in which over a longer period of data collected “to be how everyday sound exposure to the ear can affect,” says Desai. For the permanent Monitoring is paired with a personal technology, one of the biggest Gamechanger of the medicine.

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business of health

as noble As the initiatives are sound, in the end, but of course also economic interests. The health market is one of the strongest sales ever: forecast to 2022 to be issued worldwide, with more than 10 trillion US dollars. And Apple wants a piece of this gigantic cake, a large piece.

A report by Morgan Stanley estimated that Apple could take in the coming years, tens of billions of dollars per year with health devices, such as the Watch. In 2027, the share could in the best case, to 313 billion raised. This number seems to be very ambitious, considering that Apple’s current annual turnover is 266 billion. A realistic estimate of 90 billion in the year, which would equate to approximately 35 percent of the current annual turnover.

the analyst gains confidence in the group, such revenue, is in a point: the handling of privacy. In times of constant password thefts, and listen to the loudspeaker Apple is seen as a champion of data protection. Although the company’s voice assistant Siri was the last to hit the headlines, the group has, however, adjusted quickly and has protectors in the case of data and the best reputation.

Apple even marketed the Watch as the most personal product. If the users create after getting Up, so your smart watch, this is no longer just a part of the morning routine, but also a vote of confidence that the group drives with the data, it is not fast and loose. Because what is more personal than your own heartbeat?

even Apple themselves have access to the data, explains the group. Everything will stay between the watch and its owner, or its owner. “All the processes take place directly on the device,” emphasizes Kevin Lynch, the head of Apple’s Software development of the Watch. “Everything is under the control of the user. This is extremely important, especially in the case of sensitive data such as health data.”

you even want to defeat the death

It is remarkable how far the technology has come in just five years. It is believed Kevin Lynch, the number of strokes high: “It feels like we’re only at the very beginning of this development – not only at Apple but in the world.” In fact, many companies have discovered in the Silicon Valley the health area. Investors are pumping billions into companies that deal with biotechnology and genetics. Google has a separate Team conducts research cut off from the world, as can aging and even the death. Dozens of companies and Startups are working hard to measure our bodies, analyze, and optimize.

health experts are in demand in the Silicon Valley, tracks down Apple. At the end of August reports that several leading health experts have left the group, to other companies to join, including Google, the Anthem Gates Foundation, or the U.S. health insurance accumulated. They threw in the towel, because they wanted to deal with the large, Central questions of the health care system, but in the end Features for the broad mass developed, it is said in Reports.

we Consider, as previously, the banking sector, the transport industry or the media of the digitization were recorded, before the health sector, even for major Changes. Where it goes, does not seem to know it, even when Apple still accurate: “There are not the big Master-Plan, in detail specifies how something is to the biggest thing that Apple has ever made,” says Jeff Williams. “This is not our focus. We keep only the eyes out for opportunities, with which we can make a difference in the world can make.”

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