“By innovation only” through Innovation. That was Apple’s tagline for the most important evening of the year. And made already at the beginning of CEO Tim Cook is clear: We have much to show. To revel instead, as usual, about the successes of the last few months, it was made equal to. But the big Surprises came in the iPhone.

iPhone for professionals

The most anticipated device of the Evening, the iPhone 11, of course, was still. Visually, it has changed compared to the predecessor, the iPhone Xr hardly, instead of a single camera-hole, there is now a double camera in a square socket with rounded corners. With mint green and purple are also added two new colors replace two other tones.

For the first Time, the cheapest iPhone model gets a double camera, which enables wide-angle shots. Much more exciting are the expensive models are but still. You wanted to make an iPhone, the professionals will meet, announced Phil Schiller on the stage. As a result, the new devices iPhone 11 Pro (more 5.8-inch) and iPhone Pro Max (with 6.5-inch of hot 0.2 inches bigger than the predecessor).

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The most striking eye-catcher: The triple camera of the new iPhone 11 Pro. With it, you can’t zoom in, but also by wide-angle more surroundings in the shot. The optic is expected to tighten in the near term the looks.

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The Per refers not only to the new stainless steel housing and also the iPhone 11 – built-in, fast-paced A13 processor. But also on the new Display with even more pixels and Dolby Atmos, which is several hours longer duration, and – finally – enclosed faster charging cable. The most important Pro Feature is likely to be the Triple-camera.

And now all three of them together

As a combination of the iPhone XS and 11, you combined a normal, a wide angle and a telephoto lens that can Zoom as well as wide-angle shots. Apple is following the industry trend, after all there were this year four or five cameras in a single device.

Nevertheless, Apple’s solution has a lot of potential. You allowed it, with several of the Snap on once and then builds it the best picture. In a “Deep Fusion” variant, which meets in the fall via an Update, even long – and short-exposed images to be built to a single.

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The most exciting new opportunities there are for film fans. With special Apps like Filmic, you can film with multiple cameras at once and has more Material to choose from.

Together with the improved night photography, Selfie Videos in slow motion (“go Apple “Slowfie”), which gave a round, but not overwhelming iPhone package. After all, this also affects the prices: 800 Euro (for iPhone 11), 1150 euros (for iPhone 11 Pro) and 1250 Euro (11 Per Max) price cost the new models the year-on-Year. The iPhones were largely in line with the predictions and Leaks, the even had expected a few more Features.

The Surprises were earlier

more Surprising is the great innovation of the Apple Watch came as. The many hoped-for Sensors for better Sleep, blood sugar, and air quality were significant, the clock now shows the time. The new “Always On”Display, it allows all of the contents of the watch faces always show. Only when one moves his Arm to look at the clock, it switches to full brightness. Nevertheless, the Watch should reach the same maturity as the predecessor.

Other new features, a compass, and an enhanced emergency call function even without the iPhone. In addition to some new colors for the stainless steel version is now also available for the first time a variant in the titanium housing, the ceramic model returns after a year’s break.

The stainless versions have their price: While the aluminum Version cost of re-starting 450 euros, the prices go up. The titanium Version costs from 850 Euro, the ceramic models are there in the first place under 1400 euros.

the second Surprise of the Evening was not surfaced until yesterday in the rumor mill: Apple’s revamped its entry-level iPad. The screen has grown to 10.2 inches, the home button and the fingerprint sensor Touch ID are still the same. As is the case with the more expensive models, it also allows the keyboard cover to use. The price is 379 Euro is pretty beginner-friendly, if not quite as attractive as the 329 dollars in the US homeland.

Trouble for Netflix

were The largest Hammer in the Evening, grabbed a Apple but at the beginning of: for the First time, they called the prices for the new services to Apple TV+ Apple Arcade and the significantly more aggressive than expected. Only 5 Euro per month Apple requires for its Streaming service Apple TV+ as well as for the games subscription Apple Arcade. This is particularly surprising, because in both models the entire family with up to six people is included. Especially from 1. November start end Streaming service will be pushed from Apple yet once more: Who buys an iPhone, it gets a whole year of service for free above. With the announcement, so none of them had anticipated. Observers had expected a minimum of ten Euro as a price for Apple TV+.

So the new features of the iPhone were so small as many hoped. A lot of major Changes, such as 5G has been removed for the next year. After all, Apple pulls the same in the case of three specialist cameras and better night recording with the current Premium-Standard at least. Whether the possibilities of the new video recordings to be actually as revolutionary as announced, Tests must show. The great fear is likely to today have not, however, get the Smartphone competitors, but Streaming provider and games developer. Apple is pushing with its new services aggressively in the market. And shows so very clearly: It wants to be not only the iPhone front.

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