It is revealed began as a big misunderstanding: When Tim Cook in September 2014, as a “one more thing”, the Apple Watch, expect a lot of no less than a Revolution. But the clock, you can buckle up and then in the spring of 2015, around the wrist, the effect is still unfinished and has some teething problems. The initial enthusiasm tipping into its opposite: all of a Sudden it is everywhere, the watch would be a Flop.

And today? Apple dominates the market. Alone in the last quarter, Apple sold more than five million watches. The market share is 46 percent. The group wants to develop: On Friday, comes together with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, the new Apple Watch Series 5 on the market. For you, a new era begins in the truest sense of the word invoice – it is not until the fifth year, she becomes a full-fledged PM.

The most important innovations of the Apple Watch Series 5 at a Glance:two new materials (ceramic and titanium), Always-on screen built-in compass of the world, The Apple Watch Series 5 comes more Notruf32 GB of memory (yet: 8 or 16 GB)the return of an old acquaintance

again, in two sizes: 40 and 44 mm. The watch is available in different housing materials available: The standard model is again made of aluminum. In addition to the stainless steel Version of the variant of white ceramic makes a Comeback. For the first time, there is a model made of titanium, which is supposed to be more stable. However, you have to look very closely to distinguish it from the entry-level model made from Aluminium. With a minimum of 750 Euro, which is also much more expensive than the Alu version (from 450 Euro)

On the form factor of the Apple Watch, nothing has changed. The best selling aluminum model weighs 30,8 grams (40mm) or 36.5 grams (44mm) and is very easy. Because the clock is not applied to thick, it fits easily under shirt sleeves. As always, the old bracelets also fit the new clock. And of course the Apple Watch for more works only with an iPhone and not with Android Smartphones.

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The one that is always watching

The most spectacular new feature this year is the Always-on Display. The screen stays on always, also if you look actively on the Apple Watch. You can now read so well when you Wear it, the full shopping bags without trouble the time. Or in a boring Meeting inconspicuously and count the minutes down (what was with the author of this text, of course, never the case).

A Display that is on all the time – this sounds like a matter of course. In fact, it has prepared for Apple’s engineers, but a lot of headache. Because a permanent is activated, the screen consumes a nonstop stream, and that is actually the last thing you want on a device with such tiny batteries.

The solution to this Problem is called the LTPO. LTP-what? The sequence of letters stands for “Low Temperature Polycrystalline and oxides of Display”, in English low-temperature polysilicon and Oxide Display. Simply put, the Display is capable, the refresh frequency of 60 to just one Hertz to turn down and thus a lot of power to save. The Apple Watch is the industry’s only product that this technology uses.

as soon As the wrist of the user is passed down, dims the clock screen. In addition, some complications, and animations are disabled like the seconds hand, the image content is updated less frequently. With a Lift of the wrist, or a finger tip full brightness and all the Ads will be restored. The looks good, had to be optimized each dial for the new Display. The new “California”-watch face is about the dial is blue in the dimmed condition, black. It looks like this:


on the left we see the low variant of the new Always-On screen, on the right the active clock.

©Malte Mansholt star

That Apple has thought this Feature really shows a Detail: In the settings there is the new Option “Sensitive complications hide”. If you switch this off the clock in the dimmed state of a system-wide, all of the complications with personal Details – this includes your calendar entries, reminders, activity status, or the cycle log count. In this way it is prevented that a Stranger may accidentally access sensitive information.

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The thing with the battery life

Apple indicates that, in spite of the permanently activated screen of the battery throughout the day – standardised, the Apple Watch is a wear time from 18 hours – is holding. The battery consumption depends on the usage situation (training with or without GPS, get a lot of messages or a few …), after nearly a week of continuous testing, we can confirm Apple’s, however. You are running not just a Marathon, by the watch keeps easily throughout the day.

Interview with the New heart functions using ECG Really a life saver? The a chief physician to the Apple Watch Series 4 Of Christoph Fröhlich

If Apple says that the watch as the previous-generation holds for the entire day, there is no mention of the group, however, a crucial Detail: The Series 4 – a had no Always-on-Screen – held, depending on the intensity of use of up to two and a half days with one charge says. Although Apple stated in the term only the usual 18 hours, in reality, these were exceeded but always. Text: The Always-on means Screen consumes more power.

on average, the Series 5 (outside of Workouts) used in the Test, approximately every 100 to 120 minutes, ten percent of the charge. This corresponds to a high expected around 18 hours. Turn off the Always-on screen, in the settings, increases the runtime drastically. Then 10 percent of the battery charge to be consumed in just under four hours.

The users have two options: you Can pack the clock every night to the wall outlet, you should activate the Always-on-screen, finally, this provides a real added value. It is dependent, however, on a long term use of the watch, you turn off the “Always on”feature in the settings.


the Series 5 has a built-in compass.

©Malte Mansholt star The watch knows where you look,

The second big new feature is the built-in compass. In the new App displays, in addition to the sky direction, slope, longitude and latitude, as well as the current height.

A built-in compass sounds like a big deal, because only very few users are in the scouts and will directly interact with. However, the compass is in the Navigations App useful because you now, in real time, the direction of view is displayed. On the iPhone you know this already since the year 2009, since then, this feature is indispensable in the case of Smartphones. Now, the Apple Watch finally receives this Feature. Practical: The compass also works with third-party Apps.

However, the response in our Test very differently: sometimes the compass was oriented immediately, sometimes it took up to 30 seconds, regardless of the bracelet. Perhaps it was the different environment, maybe a Update but ran again.

International distress

The third new Feature of the International emergency is. The Apple-Watch-models with LTE function (indicated by the red circle around the crown), you can choose from now in about 130 countries worldwide, the international emergency call without the iPhone without active cellular data plan on the at. To do this you must simply press and hold the page button under the crown. The can save when traveling abroad in case of emergency life.

it is a Pity only, that Germany is next to Japan, one of the few countries in which emergency calls from unregistered devices are blocked. In this country you can make emergency calls only with an operating SIM-card is possible, because the function was used very often misused.

to Test, we did not have to function so far, fortunately, still.


With watchOS 6 is a hearing health care App, which analyzes the ambient sound volume comes.

©Malte Mansholt star of a New operating system watchOS6

the Apple Watch Series 5 comes with the operating system watchOS 6. This is available soon for all models up to Series 1 Download.

leaves, Next to new digit and a calculator App is one of its own App Store to the most remarkable Changes. Applications can now be independent from the iPhone downloaded to the watch. In addition, you can now download audio books – convenient, the Apple Watch Series 5 now has 32 gigabytes of storage (previously depending on model 8 or 16 GB). A built-in hearing health care App raises an Alarm when the ambient noise is too loud.

sports enthusiasts will like the activity Trends. The training-average values of the last 90 days will be compared with the longer-term development of the last 365 days. For women, a cycle-Tracker has been integrated, which allows you to record your menstrual cycle and predict. While there are also external Apps that they are due to privacy concerns, however, again and again in the criticism.


The Apple Watch is currently the most popular Smartwatch in the world – and this projection is expected to be expanded with the Series 5 still. The Always-On-screen was high on the wish lists of Fans and is very practical. One day the clock keeps so still – but no longer. Who has to survive two days without power outlet, you can disable the Always-On-Screen but in the settings.

With the rest of the new features Apple is pushing ahead with the emancipation of his watch from the iPhone With the App Store (comes with watchOS 6) you can load on all the models now have Apps without an iPhone on the at. Thanks to the built-in compass in the Series 5 can be used to Navigate the iPhone in the pants pocket. For Loading the map data you need then of course still an active LTE connection. The 32 Gigabyte memory will be happy to see Fans of Podcasts and audio books, this is at least half as much as the basic equipment of the iPhone 11 Pro offers.

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the two-year-old Apple Watch Series 3 is An Alternative to the Apple Watch Series 5. Which has a smaller screen and some features (Always-On Display, fall detection, ECG Sensor) are missing, with 229 Euro, but it is significantly cheaper. The current operating system watchOS 6 is you as well. If you don’t need the Always-on screen, is a used Series 4 a Alternative. This goes for around 300 euros in the Wi-Fi variant of the owner.

Otherwise, there are still a number of Smartwatches from other manufacturers, such as Fossil, Polar, or Samsung with its Gear range. All of the iPhone pair, however, the Integration is not quite so profound as in the case of the Apple Watch.

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