Apple showed a new OS for the iPhone with widgets and apps menu

the online presentation dedicated to the opening of the conference for developers WWDC (that runs in virtual mode because of the pandemic coronavirus) Apple introduced major innovations that will appear in iOS 14 — new operating system for iPhones. Its final version is expected in autumn.

the Two most noticeable new features of iOS 14, this function, previously widely used in Android, but implemented differently: the widgets on the home screen and apps menu. Widgets are in iOS now, but add them only on special Today screen.

In iOS 14 can be placed on home screens and the app icons just move away, to free space information panel. The user can choose not only the location of the widget, but also its size. In addition, developed special intelligent widget, the contents of which you can browse, in this case, he changes the displayed content — the weather, traffic, statistics, activity, etc. — depending on the context and time of day.

the Second innovation, which will seem something familiar to the users of Android — specific “library application” to get rid of the many home screens filled with icons. Unlike Google, on the iPhone with iOS 14 it will automatically group your program icons. The first row is a “folder” with the recommended apps and the ones that were installed recently. The rest will be graded according to the types of games, clients of social networks, photo and video editors etc.

in addition, iOS 14 will allow you to play video in a floating window while drifting between other applications. This window can be freely moved on the screen of the smartphone, you can change its size, and you can even hide it behind the edge of the screen, while audio playback will continue.

Many in recent years, complained that for a long time not changing the interface of incoming call in iOS is outdated — it takes up the entire screen and if you don’t want to answer the call or press the “hang up”, you have to wait when patience runs out the caller. IOS 14 instead of the screen will appear a small panel at the top of the screen with buttons to receive and reject the call. Thus it is possible simply to brush away from the screen, as a normal notification.

Siri in iOS 14, a full-fledged interpreter is a special app Translate will allow you to communicate with people without knowing their language. It can work even without Internet access. Itself voice assistant will cease as the interface of incoming calls, to “occupy” the entire screen when activated — instead, the new Siri icon will float over the active screen of the application:

Another update to iOS 14, a digital version of a car key, allowing you to unlock and start the car using the iPhone with a new OS. Function is implemented with the help of the TAS interface. The first car compatible with the new feature, will be one of the models BMW 2021-the year of. Apple is also working with automakers on developing a common standard that will allow you to perform the same tasks even without taking your smartphone out of your pocket — authorization to open and start the vehicle will occur using “vershirebroadband” chip U1.

it is Expected that iOS 14 will be available for automatic updates of iPhones this fall, but in the summer you can download a public beta version of OSes.

Text: To.Hi-tech