Apple has released on the occasion of the upcoming Earth Day of its annual environmental report. In it the group declares that 44 of its suppliers have committed to pursue the production of Apple devices, complete with clean energy. In the United States is also expanded the recycling program, customers can trade in your old iPhone when purchasing a New device and in return receive a discount. Through various programs, the group has received so far, according to his own statement, almost a Million devices.

A key component in the recycling process of the robot, Daisy, can independently win up to 200 iPhones per hour to dismantle and rare materials, such as cobalt (battery production) and Tin (important for the boards). Overall, were overtaken in the last year 7.8 million Apple devices in General. This 48,000 tonnes of electronic waste from landfills were recycled, says the group.

optimization of recycled-cycles

By the year-long supply with Updates and battery replacement programs are iPhones used in a rule, longer than devices from other manufacturers. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Representative of sustainability, said in September: “We develop and build our equipment as durable as possible. If you hold longer, you can use them longer. And to use the Best for our planet.”

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From an iPhone, is completely made of recycled materials, is removed from the group, however – if it is ever feasible. For some of the so-called rare earths, there are no or hardly worked Recycling cycles. In order to optimize the processes in the future, Apple has announced the opening of the so-called “Material Recovery Lab”. The approximately 850 square-foot research center is located in Austin, Texas, and to work together with universities.

Nevertheless, there is still much to do. The environmental organization Greenpeace praised in the past years, although the development of a green energy balance, urged, however, repeated that the group should make its devices easier to repair. As a result, the devices could be used for even longer and the environment is protected.

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