Apple wants to make before the Start of the own streaming video service to its TV App with a redesign more attractive for the users.

New in on Monday introduced Version, among other things, personalized recommendations and the ability to directly in the TV App on the movies and TV shows from Apple’s iTunes platform access. In addition, the App now includes new sections for TV Channels from other providers, as well as for children’s content.

With the tag Apple will deepen the efforts to make the TV App for its customers a Central point of contact when Video consumption. Already now you can leave it in the application, among other things, next the series follow from the linked video services such as Amazon Prime or Sky Ticket ads. To View the selected content is then forwarded to the App of the respective provider. That will not change even with the new Version of Apple TV application. The added Channels run directly in the TV App.

In Germany, launches Apple TV App first, with only one such channel: “STARZPLAY”, the cost after a Free trial period of two weeks 4,99 Euro in the month. More to follow. In the United States, HBO and Showtime to the Channel offering, for example. In Germany, Amazon already features support for customers of its subscription service Prime, a wide Channel selection.

Apple brings the new Version of the App, as announced on the latest connected TVs from Samsung. Unlike in the TV App on Apple devices, you will get there, but no content from other Streaming applications like Amazon Prime and Sky Ticket is displayed. This year you can also transfer content from the TV App on Apple devices, on Sony TV, as the group announced on Monday.

In the TV App will also be Apple’s own video streaming service Apple TV+ available, whose launch was announced for the fall. The group undertook for the series and movies Hollywood Starts such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon among the producers and film makers such as Steven Spielberg and J. J. Abrams. Not expressed prices and business model of Apple, the first presentation in March.

For Apple is the TV application is a Central part of the Vision of the group for the future of television. You will be the link between Apps from different vendors. The iPhone group has not succeeded so far, however, to bring the Streaming Platzhirsch Netflix, as well as the major US broadcasters on the platform. According to media reports, there are differences about what data can get the suppliers of Apple.

data protection restrictions, there is now also the personalization of the proposals in the new TV App. The recommendations are based only on viewing information about the Apple platform shows that you have looked at elsewhere, are not taken into account.