The Apple Pencil was created specifically for on the iPad Pro, create notes, or to create digital works of art. And this has its price: Just under 100 euros, the Tablet pen costs and can not still be used on all iPad and iPhone models. Fortunately, there are a variety of equivalent Alternatives that are not only cost less, but also with other Apple devices (besides the iPad Pro) compatible.

1. Alternative: Adonit Pixel

The most Important thing first: The Adonit Pixel is with the iPhone (5 and newer), iPad Mini (1 to 4), iPad Air (1 and 2) and the iPad Pro (12.9) compatible. In contrast to the Apple Pencil of the alternative Tablet pen has two programmable Shortcut buttons and you can set the pin so that the executed activities are undone (i.e., deleted) or repeated, can be. Through the built-in grip sensor, the Adonit Pixel is activated as soon as you move it by Hand. You connect it via Bluetooth with an iPad, the pen pressure (with up to 2048 levels of sensitivity on the Display). The advantage of this is that you can draw to the angle of inclination, different thickness of line.

plus point: The pen is also available with different Apps (including good notes, Procreate, and AstroPad) compatible.

2. Alternative: Wacom Bamboo Finline

these Apple Pencil Alternative can be used for all touch screen devices with iOS. Via the Bluetooth connection, the stylus and the iPad or the iPhone are connected to each other is turned on by a rotation of the lower half. Even if the Wacom Bamboo Finline has only one programmable button, with which you can undo every move (or Erasure), the pen’s pressure levels to share with all of you compatible Apps. As a result, he writes and draws as one would expect, however, this Alternative also has a hook: The pen does not detect the angles of inclination, so that any hatches are possible.

3. Alternative: Moko Active Stylus

The Moko Active Stylus is just over 25 euros, the cheapest Tablet pen here referred to. Nevertheless, he is able to keep up with its predecessors, and quite Charged, it lasts up to eight hours at a stretch, he also has a special metal tip (1.5 mm thick) – so the pen generates a magnetic field on the Display when it is touched in order. The advantage of this is that a human Finger is simulated, and the Writing or Drawing should be on the screen very realistically. Furthermore, the Moko Active Stylus has a soft rubber tip on the other end, which can also operate without power to the touch screen.

the Only fly in the ointment: The Tablet pen has no pressure levels and tilt recognition.

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