Apple’s music streaming service will be in mid-December also on networked Echo-speakers of the competitors Amazon available, although initially only in the United States. More countries are to follow in the coming year, as Amazon announced.

to which countries it is, however, no information is provided. The two companies are rivals in the business with smart speakers. Amazon’s Echo device with the voice assistant, Alexa, the market leader, while Apple is the HomePod and its Siri Software to catch up. The advance on the popular Echo speaker improved for Apple the competitive Position of the Streaming services is a market leader Spotify was already available on Amazon devices available. Apple Music is currently number two in the market with over 50 million paying customers, while Spotify customers and 109 million users of the free Version was the last one to 87 million subscription.

In the U.S., Apple’s Music is now in the third week of December to the Echo devices. It remained unclear whether there is also the full function scope of the operation via Siri will be on the HomePod available.