It was one of the longest Apple keynote in years, and with the highest Tempo. In a good 140 minutes of Tim Cook and his Team showed at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), a new innovation after the next. What is remarkable: This otherwise Apple’s in-house exhibition which is so important on iOS, and played in spite of important new Features, only a minor role. Instead, Apple went on several long-overdue construction sites.

That was not foreseen at the beginning. Rather than rushing directly into the exhibition theme Software, with the serial project “For all Mankind” to the beginning of the advertising for the Streaming service Apple TV+. But soon it was clear: Tim Cook took the self-promotion just as a Transition to tvOS, the operating system of the Apple TV. The innovations, such as accounts for multiple users and support of the popular controllers for Xbox and Playstation, were quickly off the table. The Apple Watch also has been eliminated, in spite of a number of new Features, such as new watch faces, Apps and functions such as hearing and periods-Tracking, quickly.

Liveblog WWDC 2019 iOS 13, the most powerful Mac of all time, and the end of the iTunes: The Apple Event to Read By Christoph Fröhlich iOS 13: From Star to supporting role

then after only about 25 minutes, the former Star of the exhibition – the new iOS was in it, was clear: something Big is coming. And indeed, After a good hour we had all of the great new iPhone Features, iOS 13 processed: such As a Dark Mode that makes the System in the dark eyes friendly, the better Performance, new gizmos with Emoji and Karaoke, the improved cards and Fun, the strong privacy improvements, and the improved photo and movie editing. And could finally turn his attention to the important things.

Apple unveils new System iOS 13: for These devices, the Update Of the painted Mans get get

One of the most important innovations in many fell on already for the versions to iOS 13: The iPad was not. After the Tablet has used for years, the iPhone System, so to speak, a huge phone had remained, Apple takes the leash: With iPadOS the Tablets finally have their own System, which allows you much greater potential. With the new System, the iPad is significantly more to a Computer. It starts with the Multitasking: As in the case of a PC or a Mac, you can now also open on the Tablet multiple Windows of an App at the same time, side by side. So clearly, the great Mac-Overview Exposé on the Tablet.

But Apple goes even further. After driving for many years, the System unnecessary, work Features, such as free file-Import in Apps, a Download Manager, a Desktop Browser, and the support of external data carriers such as USB Sticks as a kind of liberation. A successful compromise between a Tablet-controller and Computer use. Apple seems to have the strong Surface-to-have devices by competitor Microsoft and full Windows very carefully looked at. Possible the great step, also because the Apple Pencil, the control pin of the iPads, it is now much more powerful, texts selected and annotated. A mouse on the Tablet, so to speak.

for the pros

The step is a clear Signal to Apple’s once most important customers: the professionals. In the hard times before the iPod, especially designers, graphic designers and other Creative people as loyal customers of the suffering were for many years the group at the life. In the successful years of the iPhones, these customers complained, however, especially according to that their needs were not answered. The Apple devices rotted from the point of view of this group consumer-machines. That Apple would like to change this, you now also with the new iPad Pro.

on a cheese grater, reminding one of Super-computer, the Mac Pro is likely to make the hearts of many Fans beat faster. Not only it offers up to 28-cores and tons of other options, it with all the finest technology full to the brim. Unlike the iMac, the parts can be exchanged by the user when needed, even and straightforward.

WWDC 2019, A short good-bye for iTunes

At the annual developer conference “WWDC” has presented Apple’s all New, and from iTunes to be adopted.


this step is extremely important: While many professionals can take advantage of the incredible performance potential of the new Mac Pro, there are a lot more of them, which is missing in current Macs is the flexibility. The rapid Install of new components for many of the work assignments are simply indispensable. The last Mac that allowed the, came at the end of 2013 – and was by his strange round design is significantly less versatile. The new Mac Pro is not aimed at consumers, also shows to be an extremely high price: from 6000 euros, this is it.

Similar to a lot of photographers, Video is allowed to lie down, hobbyists, and game developers for Apple’s new Display. Even with the screens, Apple had slept a long time, with the Per screen XDR to address finally. With the 6K Display in 32 inch Apple relies on extremely high resolution, extremely high color gamut and maximum contrast of 1,000,000,000:1. In the case, Apple has created another strong Hand. Finally, there is a Pivot mode for Portrait-Work, through the ventilation, a continuous operation is to be at an extremely high brightness of 1000 Nit possible. The Apple but Royal pay: Starting at 5000 dollars, the Display of the Profi-stand for the portrait the cost mode is not included yet – it costs me 1000 dollars. Many professionals are paying grateful.

end of an Era

The last important cut decades needed: With the new Mac OS Catalina Apple iTunes strokes. For 18 years, Apple dragged the Software from iPod times, and stuffing more and more Features. A decision for the group was scolded a lot of speed and the now Software-in-chief Federighi even made on the stage of funny. Now the iconic program is at the end. Instead, there are now three separate Apps, one for music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. Who synced his iPhone on the computer, I now also not via iTunes but via the Finder as it would be the iPhone to a hard drive.

otherwise, Apple wants to give its Mac operating system once again really swing. Since the voice control to almost do the complete System with the voice controllable. Much more important project Catalyst is. As a result, Apps for Mac and iPadOS to be hoisted on the same program base, and ensure that there is a blow to a lot more programs for the Mac. Apple computer suffered dramatically in recent years including the use of mobile devices in the group for developers were much more attractive. With Catalyst, the very likely to quickly change.

So Apple may have just completed one of the most important WWDCs in years. That focused a long time on the iPod and the iPhone as a money-maker for Private customers, has made the group one of the richest companies in the world. In doing so, Apple forgot, however, that it is the loyal Business customers in the Creative field were brought to the group through tough times. Many of them were from Apple. This is likely to have changed. And, without the need of scaring away the private customers. Apple should withdraw this decision.