“What happens on the iPhone, stays on the iPhone,” as Apple advertises its for the industry is quite strong privacy efforts. Well, it turns out, however, the iPhone group is part of very intimate recordings of its voice assistant Siri to third parties. The option of the bind is well-hidden.

Apple confirmed to the Guardian that the records more. As the reason for the transfer, the group is called quality control. Accordingly, a part of the Siri-are examined requests in retrospect by the people, in order to improve Siri and its voice recognition. It was less than one percent of the requests, so Apple. The requests were not linked with the user ID, and are therefore anonymized.

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it is Believed one of the controller, but also a lot of private Details from the lives of the users. The external service provider would investigate whether Siri has understood the user correctly, whether it was for Siri editable question and whether Siri could actually help, said an anonymous investigator told the Guardian. And, of course, whether it was an accidental recording.

Just the latter requests would have it. The staff would regularly listen to very intimate moments, he explains. So Sex records, medical and business meetings and drug deals were commonplace. “Some of them also contain personal data such as location data, contact data, or data from Apps.”

The arise accidental activations if a device interprets the activation phrase “Hey Siri” is wrong, but also because the activation keys are accidentally pressed. The Apple Watch seems to be for false records to be susceptible, the inspector. “You will then have a 30-second clip. That is not very long – but you get a good impression of what’s happening.”


With the privacy Dilemma, Apple is not alone. Also, Google and Amazon had to confirm the beginning of the year that they leave records of their language assistants of people. Already in 2015, a Reddit reported user that it was examining records of Siri and Cortana. This is also understandable: as good As the speech recognition and the understanding of the wizard is also – at the end of a person can judge much better what another man wanted. That intimate moments to be heard, cannot be avoided if the Samples are randomly selected.

The biggest Problem, however, is that from the above, there is often to draw conclusions on the users leave, so the auditor. “It would not be difficult to identify the Person to listen. Especially in the case of accidental records. There are addresses, names and so on,” he explains. Could he not be: False-records would simply be evaluated as a technical error. Content it go.

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For customers, the disclosure of the records is also annoying because you can officially not, without the Siri switch off. While you can listen to on Amazon and Google’s own records, and delete (here is the at Amazon, here at Google), is the Siri-recordings are not possible. The simple reason for this: Apple doesn’t store the data in connection with the user account. The protection of the customer’s intended solution is, in this case, as a disadvantage.

in fact, there is but one way to prevent the disclosure of the records. The privacy expert, Jan Kaiser has found in the Depths of the iPhone system iOS is an Option, the transfer switch off. The Problem: In the user interface there is no switch to do this. Emperor has created an installable configuration profile, with the Option to be enabled. If you installed it, you should, however, consider: This kind of profiles can change in the System a lot. Who would like to create it yourself, with the colleagues of the “Heise” the appropriate instructions.

sources: the Guardian, Reddit, Heise

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