Apple bought the startup to make Siri smarter

Apple continues to buy technologies that will help it improve its own products. At this time, the manufacturer of iPhones has acquired canadian startup Inductiv, specializing in the development of artificial intelligence.

representatives of the firm Tim cook reiterated to Bloomberg the fact of the transaction, without specifying the amount and other details. In a press-service escaped with the standard excuse that “Apple from time to time becomes a technology company, but we are not discussing the purpose of the purchases and our plans.”

In Inductiv has created a system that uses artificial intelligence to detect and correct data errors, which in turn improves the performance of machine learning algorithms. Technology, for example, will reduce the likelihood that the “extra” information will knock Siri off.

In recent years, Apple became the owner of a number of startups working on AI and data, including Tuplejump, Laserlike, Turi and Perceptio. One of recent purchases was the company Voysis, which should improve the ability of Siri to understand human speech.

in addition, Apple is not losing interest in virtual reality. Earlier this month, cupertinos acquired startup NextVR, which specializiruetsya to record content from places of events such as music concerts and sports matches, and transfer it for viewing on VR/AR headsets.

Text: To.Hi-tech