Apple attributed the plan to rename the iPhone and iOS

Already in the nearest Monday to the virtual conference WWDC Apple may announce a major rebranding in the company’s history. On approval from several different sources, appeared unconfirmed information about the plans to change the name of two key for Apple products.

this was announced by the leader of a popular online portal about digital devices XDA Developers Max Weinbach. “I received a letter claiming that Apple will rename iPhone OS to iOS, and iPhone — Apple Phone and couldn’t believe it. Wow”, he replied in a laconic tweet of another insider, John Prosser, consisting of two words: “iPhone OS”. In the subsequent tweet Weinbach said that he is in this rumor do not believe.

Dude I got a random email saying Apple would rename iPhone OS to iOS and the iPhone to Apple Phone and I didn’t believe it…


– Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) June 18, 2020

of Course, such information should be treated with skepticism. iPhone for 13 years since the announcement of the first model has become so powerful a brand that believe in the willingness of Apple to abandon it, offering users instead of just “Apple” by analogy with the Apple Watch and the Apple TV (in marketing materials and on packaging then the word is replaced with the Apple logo — a bitten Apple), hard. At the same time, probably already know that the smartphones of the company this year expects a radical redesign — it is possible that the name change is meant to emphasize a kind of iPhone on a new round of development.

for information about renaming iOS is much easier to believe — the names of the operating systems Apple from time to time really changes. In 2016, the year, Apple renamed OS X in macOS, and in 2019 gave a separate name to the iOS version for iPad iPadOS. In this regard, rename “phone” OSes in iPhoneOS seems logical. That’s only the first half of the leak PRtioricet second — in fact, renaming the iPhone in the Apple Phone, leave “iPhone” in the title of OSes would be extremely weird.

Text: To.Hi-tech