Skulltown will be back as an Arenas map at the Genesis Collection Event.

Apex Legends will be returning to the forgotten realms of 2019 with the Genesis Collection, which is a two-week celebration of Respawn’s first battle royale arena.

Next Tuesday, June 29th, Genesis will feature Kings Canyon’s first iteration. This was before EMP attacks and giant dinosaurs destroyed it. World’s Edge will also get a similar treatment. This allows us to revisit the brighter skies, greener fields and more active volcanoes of Apex’s second map.

Apex has made a lot of character, weapon, and tool additions since then. It’ll be interesting to see how Valkyrie does in the first map. Long-time Apex players will be happy to know that they can hot-drop into an un-destroyed Skulltown. King’s Canyon’s most spiciest spot is getting more attention. Respawn has also added the boneyard to their Arenas pool.

Genesis is a collection event that adds a variety of throwback skins, cosmetics, and loot boxes to unlock via the in-game shop, the event track, or loot boxes. Highlights include Bangalore’s sleek set of Titanfall 2 body armor and Crypto’s disorganized office worker look before his time as Cyberpunk Slicer.

Revenant also receives a Heirloom melee weapons, which allows you to cut through Kings Canyon with a great scythe. However, I am truly upset that Horizon, my main mom, has been stripped of her slick lab outfit. This throwback theme is allowing Horizon to become a Transformer instead. Please, Respawn. I’m hungry.

The event next week will also include a number of balance changes and bug fixes. This includes a well-placed tree that stops this absolutely nonsense. Wattson now has the ability to place multiple plush Nessies onto a map, up to 20 at a time. This makes her the most powerful legend of the game.