Respawn Entertainment recently announced a big change coming to Apex Legends with the release of Season 22. Instead of the usual one Battle Pass per season, players will now see two Battle Passes per season, each with 60 levels of rewards. This change was made in an effort to make the Battle Pass more accessible and valuable for players’ time and money.

While the number of progression levels has been reduced from 110 to 60, the cost of the premium Battle Pass remains the same. Previously priced at 950 Apex Coins, the new half-season Battle Pass will be $9.99. Additionally, a new Premium+ tier will be available for $19.99 every half-season, replacing the existing Premium Bundle. The Battle Pass will no longer be purchasable using Apex Coins, and can only be obtained by spending real money.

Respawn states that these changes are necessary to cater to the global player community and to provide a more realistic Battle Pass experience. The company emphasizes that the updated rewards make the Battle Pass more attainable and valuable for players’ time and money.

In response to the announcement, the community feedback has been predominantly negative. Many players have criticized the decision, calling it a money grab and expressing disappointment. The sentiment on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter has been overwhelmingly unfavorable.

Despite the backlash, Respawn is moving forward with the new Battle Pass system. To entice players to try out the changes, the first half-season Battle Pass will be given for free to those who log in and complete a set of challenges within the first two weeks of its release alongside Season 22 later this year.

Overall, the Battle Pass changes in Apex Legends Season 22 aim to provide a more streamlined and rewarding experience for players. While the initial reaction from the community has been negative, it remains to be seen how players will respond once the changes are implemented. Apex Legends’ 21st season, Upheaval, is currently ongoing and is set to conclude in August.