Modern smart phones “eat” our time and attention, often leaving no resources for truly important things. However, without electricity they can not do, and to move independently from place to place. “The body personal information” (personal information organism, PiO), which was invented by the Russian artist Aristarkh Chernyshev, recharging is not needed — instead of the current it feeds on human blood.

About the concept of the artist the magazine writes Designboom. The idea Chernyshev, PiO is a hybrid of genetically modified leeches and smartphone. Among the features of the gadget not only calls, but also constant monitoring of the human condition.

“the PiO is your personal trainer, personal doctor and inseparable from you, friend and guide” — describes the artist your concept. According to his idea, in the future, the symbiosis of man and electronics will become more organic — similar to how today your body is a house and food to the trillions of bacteria instead of getting their nutrients.

Fueled by a small amount of blood of the owner, PiO also conducts its analysis. The received data is transferred to the cloud system where they are processed by the neural network algorithms with the information about the patient received from medical organizations and other professionals. If the system can diagnose malfunctions in the body, automatically “prescribed” medication. “Smart leech” immediately synthesize the necessary substances and introduces them to his charge.

Probably to sell the PiO will be like smartphones today — in beautiful shops with a lot of white surfaces, many models in different colors. The above image and exhibition samples PiO version 1.1.

Developing your concept, the author has tried to make it realistic screen by the standards of modern gadgets on the small side (unless the image is broadcast directly into the brain via the wireless interface). But the artist obviously managed to create something more than just the object calling a unique mix of disgust and admiration. The work Chernysheva makes you wonder about the role of technology in our lives today, and where driven by economic interests IT giants progress can only lead in the race for comfort and prolongation of life through the hundred years.

Text: To.Hi-tech