imagine a System of cameras could detect it at any time, in their footsteps, follow, and assess whether they are a danger. What could have been just a few years ago a substance of an espionage Thriller, is available since last year from Amazon as a service. The controversial Software Rekognition has triggered not only within the group itself in a heated debate on the limits of morality in Software. And the new Feature is expected to heat up still.

The press release sounds like every other Tech product: “Today, we are introducing improvements to the accuracy and functionality of our facial analysis features,” says Amazon. Also that the Software “meta data is created to detected faces”, sounds harmless at first glance. It means nothing other than that you can classify people accurately. According To The Age, Gender. Especially the mood detection has improved Amazon, the cheerful PR-hued message. And: After a good mood, anger, and other emotions Rekognition has learned another. The Software will now detect whether or not someone has anxiety.

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get it For the authorities, the recognition of emotions is quite a useful Feature. Affects one Person in a group of people for no reason nervous, it can be a warning sign that this Person intends to do something forbidden. Or that she is just a victim of a crime. It evaluates the emotions of people in groups, you can detect crime in theory be automated, as they happen and intervene immediately.

experts warn, however, that the emotion recognition can hardly function reliably. Because different cultures Express their emotions differently, is the danger of incorrectly recognized emotions very high. “It is hardly possible with the reliability of a Smile in a good mood, a scowl of anger or forehead of sadness wrinkles to detect,” said about a group of researchers recently.

people data

The Power of the system is, however, without the Emotion detection is quite big. Rekognition can recognize up to 100 people in groups of automated and multiple cameras to track. Pure theory is no longer: Many U.S. cities are customers with the Amazon service, to monitor the program in public places and shopping centres. Not only wanted criminals can be detected. In July it became known that the Federal police, the FBI and the immigration authority einpflegten systematically driving licence data in facial recognition programs.

This level of Monitoring is even a lot of the technology-friendly Americans just. Rekognition and the competitors of Google, Microsoft and Facebook have sparked a heated debate. The big question: Want to be recognized by the citizens, in fact, always and at every step be automatically monitored?

The resistance is growing

in addition to the extreme limitations of the privacy critics warn against possible False detections and resulting accusations of the Innocent. How fast can it go, showed an Experiment: civil rights activist, invited the images of 535 US congressmen in Rekognition. 28 of them were recognized as criminals.

The biggest resistance comes from people who need to know. In the case of Google, Amazon and Microsoft, the employees, the loud protests against the programs of private corporations. Amazon employees and shareholders tried to prevent the sale of the Software to the controversial immigration Agency ICE, in the case of Google, there were Protest campaigns against the use of the face detection by the military. And the Silicon Valley metropolis of San Francisco has just banned the face detection in the entire city.

the year in review-Tech-industry-Sex-parties, killer drones, data greed: How the Silicon Valley in 2018 and his innocence lost By Malte Mansholt In Germany (yet) an issue

Even if Germany is still far from to monitor its citizens with face detection: First steps for automated crime detection, there are already. The police in Frankfurt, for example, on the controversial Software from Palantir, a company of the Paypal-founder Peter Thiel. The programs values to constant data from mountains of social media, mobile Connections, criminal cases and much more, and warn against possible hazards. Also Hamburg in his recently revised police law basics for the use of such Software. The face recognition would be a consistent extension of this set of programs.

significantly more than the US about China. 170 million security cameras there are in the most populated country in the world, many of them equipped with face detection. Since the beginning of last year, individual police officers can recognize by sunglasses criminal. The specially-equipped glasses can shoot images of people that are then evaluated in the data center. The police officer knows immediately who he has in front of him.

sources: Amazon, Sage Journal

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