Amazon is working according to a newspaper report, on major store shopping without funds allow. In the Amazon-Go stores, cameras and other Sensors to register, which items take the customers from the shelves. to buy

the Goods, leaving you to just the Store and the amount will be debited from your Amazon account. The first seven such shops in Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco in the USA are rather small and a limited selection.

Now try Amazon but the principle in Seattle on a larger area, which was furnished like a large supermarket, wrote the “Wall Street Journal” on Monday. On larger surfaces with higher Ceilings and more products it is more difficult, the technology, it said, citing informed persons. Therefore, it could take until the System come in larger super markets.

It was still unclear whether Amazon wanted to introduce the System also in the last year acquired grocery chain Whole Foods. This is the most likely use of the area, if it is not working surfaces on larger store, explained the sources of the newspaper. In earlier media reports it was mentioned already, the group intends to expand the network of Amazon-Go shops.