It is the biggest Hardware announcement, which has dared to Amazon the outside of the home to Seattle was a: With a good dozen television with built-in fire TV, Amazon wants to create the final breakthrough into the living room. It has brought in help from unexpected side.

probably The most unexpected announcement of the Evening: One of the TV comes from media Markt Saturn. The retail giant is one of the biggest competitors of Amazon in Germany. The next year, under the brand name “OK” displaced persons TV has installed a fire TV. On the surface, only a series for Amazon Prime Video to look. The included Alexa-remote control also allows you to use the TV as a full-fledged Amazon Echo Alexa, and to ask questions or to control Smarthome devices.

OK, is not the only brand that Amazon used to work together. Also, in the meantime, to a Turkish mother belonging to the tradition of the brand Grundig is. All the eleven models of the for-October-announced fire TV Edition, from the expensive OLED model to the saving Version from 240 Euro. In the International market, Amazon is working with Toshiba and JVC.

A cube for all

Additionally, Amazon offers its Amazon Cube in his revised Version for the first time in Germany. The cube combines a fire TV with an Amazon Echo. Unlike the television, and the classical Stick, he needs no remote control to be able to Alexa-enable it. Like the Echo, it is sufficient simply to call the activation word “Alexa” in the room – you can already control the TV or the Rest of the apartment by language.

The strategy behind Amazon’s step is easily explained: The group would like, in as many living rooms as possible. Prime customers, can stream on a Fire TV, spend significantly more time in the service, revealed to be a speaker at the presentation. Because more and more TV itself to bring a smart operating system, is the use of a Streamingbox always unnecessary. The TVs come from the factory with Alexa, the customer is also more likely in Amazon’s offer.

Whether or not the strategy works depends in sure also of the quality of the starting in October, offered TV equipment. With Toshiba and Grundig sound, although once a full name, in recent years, the manufacturers were but, rather, with the cheaper devices. The Mediamarkt-TV is unlikely to belong to the High-End. Many of the Details did not reveal Amazon so far. The largest verklauf point of the devices is not likely to be the particularly high level of image quality – but the fight price.

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