It is a bit strange, if you go through the first Time his records on Amazon. You hear yourself, family members or friends with the voice assistant. You get to hear is also false alarms, in which the Echo has understood the activation word “Alexa” is wrong. Then it is mostly talking somewhere in the Background or the TV is heard. Something creepy: The records go back to the first day of use. Now you can delete them finally, once and for all.

Previously, it was only possible to pay off each of the commands individually from Amazon’s servers. Who used the Echo so much, there could be a lot of work in focus. With the launch of the new Amazon Echo Show 5, the group announced that it plans to make it easier – and offered an appropriate Option.

Dave Limp spy in the home? Amazon Echo-in-chief reveals how much of the Alexa’s on the phone – and how she earns money By Malte Mansholt So you do not delete its Alexa history

to find Just the is however. To do this, you must first open the Alexa App on the Smartphone and on the three bars at the upper edge of the tap. Then you select at the very bottom of “settings”. Next, Alexa-account” and then below “Alexa data protection follows the above “”. To select the last one in the window is “voice recordings history check”.

Here are all the commands that you have to call Alexa to find finally. You tap on one of them, you can listen to the recording. Individual recordings can be destroyed by tapping it marked and on the “Selected recordings delete”. But it goes even faster. You tap on “All of the shots from today, delete” and confirmed the disappearance of all the records made on the same day, after 0:00.

you Want back more, to select in advance in the drop-down menu for “Today”. Here you can also select all of the recordings of the previous day, the current week and the whole month. And: You can also get rid of the entire history since the commissioning. In addition, a time period for the deletion of define. You have made your choice, you have to tap again on the text link below and confirm. The data are deleted, also Amazon no longer possible to restore the insured Alexa-chief Dave Limp in the star Interview.

language assistant Hardly anyone uses Alexa’s most important Feature – so Amazon wants to change that By Malte mansholt did not Best Option in Germany

In the US, does Amazon still have an additional Option: There you can enable in the same menu, the Option, the course on demand get rid of. The voice command, “Alexa, delete everything i said yesterday” (to delete everything I’ve said today) all requests of the previous Day disappear. A long time not language, get rid of spaces, however, for this you have to open in the United States, the App. Whether the language Feature also comes after Germany, is not yet known.