According to Samsung, the Chinese Huawei group has postponed the launch of its new Auffalt Smartphones.

Instead of the middle of the year, the device, whose screen can be on a Tablet-size fold-out will come, now in September in the trade, such as a Huawei spokesman for the US channel CNBC said. Among other things, should be improved in the model Mate X the quality of the display, said a Huawei Manager the “Wall Street Journal”.

Samsung wanted to be a competitive device Galaxy Fold originally back in April on the market. The launch had to be postponed at the last Moment, after several of US journalists issued the test devices were received within a few days broken. Samsung has called still no new date.

The Huawei spokesperson told CNBC, the Auffalt Smartphone should run as planned, with the Google Android operating system – as it is in February presented had been, about three months before the company came to a black list of the government. At the same time, Huawei Manager Vincent Peng to the “Wall Street Journal” said, it was still in negotiations about whether Huawei can install on the device, the usual selection of Google Apps like Gmail or maps.

The White house had been equipped with regard to safety concerns that US companies need for business with Huawei, a special permission. A little later, however, the Software-supply already produced Smartphones, an exception was made until the middle of August. Huawei had already announced, the company could, at the latest, bring to the spring of their own operating system, as an Alternative to the market.

Samsung Galaxy Fold had the bendable Display, and the folding mechanism as the weak turn out. By Huawei it was now called, to run additional Tests. “We want to bring out a product that harms our View”, quoted the Huawei spokesman on Friday by CNBC. Both folding devices set record highs in the price: Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost 2000 euros, the Huawei Mate X even around 2300 Euro.