All Russian Internet banks can stop working after six months

the Requirements on the transfer of the IT infrastructure, including banking, domestic software will lead to the termination of all Russian mobile and Internet banking. This fear was expressed by the representatives of the largest financial institutions, writes “Kommersant”.

According to the draft presidential decree and government decrees developed by the Ministry of communications, the owners of critical information infrastructure (CII) will be required to use Russian software from January 1, 2021, and the Russian equipment – from 1 January 2022-th. The order of import substitution must be approved by the government until 1 September.

However, the representatives of the banking community have warned that to translate the CUES on their own in a short time they will not succeed. Moreover, to replace foreign hardware and software in the domestic counterparts in a number of cases, and even impossible.

In a letter sent June 15 to the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin, members of the Association of Russian banks (ADB) has asked to postpone for four years the translation of KII on the Russian program. In circulation, market participants indicate that the Ministry of communications requirements “not consider the risk large-scale disruption of operation of KII,” and some items “in some cases, almost impossible.”

According to estimates of bankers, replacement of all software and equipment cost to credit institutions of more than 700 billion rubles. Only replacement of the software will take at least three years, and part of those costs will fall on customers in the form of a rise in price of services and products.

the newspaper’s source in the banking circles say that many of the foreign programs is generally impossible to find domestic counterparts. “There will be no or mobile or Internet banking,” warned the bankers.

ADB Vice-President Alexey Voilukov told the publication that the Russian software just looks like a foreign design. “In reality, the specialized functionality of such software may or may not exist at all or be at the level of two decades ago,” the spokesmahe al.

to Replace foreign IT equipment domestic will be even harder. “The substitution of foreign IT products and services Russian is even more complicated due to the lack of domestic manufacturers of modern production technologies of electronics and element-component base”, – said in a letter to ADB. It is also noted that private FOR a number of large banks, but the registry is approved for use it is missing.

Text: To.Hi-tech