“There are very few people at Amazon who can come to these requests. It is, however, very restricted, you must obtain a lot of permits” – the Amazon Echo-in-chief Dave Limp last December in the star-Interview to the question stated, who is allowed to mitlauschen of the Echo. In a recent report from “Bloomberg” is specified, this number is now significantly higher: 7000 Amazon-employees have access to the Audio recordings of the user. The big eavesdropping on the handle, the means but still.

Because Amazon’s listening employees should not find out the deepest secrets of your users – but simply Alexa’s voice recognition will improve. The throughout the world distributed Teams listen to up to 1000 clips at the Language of the day, make a note of what was said and compare it with the artificial intelligence detected the statement, reports “Bloomberg”, citing nine of the Amazon employees.

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Dave Limp spy in the home? Amazon Echo-in-chief reveals how much of the Alexa’s on the phone – and how she earns money By Malte Mans Audio Clips get in the Amazon-Chat

In General, the records, therefore, quite boring, most of the users ask Alexa already the time of day or the weather, or want to play music, showed a study last year. Sometimes amusing records were, like children playing or a wrong woman who sings in the shower, the report said. Little or particularly entertaining Audio Clips to be understandable by the employees, therefore, in a Chat shared.

And then there are the blatant cases. Two of the employees reported “Bloomberg”, you would have had to listen to recordings of sexual Assault. When the employees asked how they should proceed, didn’t explain the group to you, it was your job to do something about it. To be able to the Situation emotionally, you may share the records with other employees.

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get A reason for the initially strange approach is that the employees should have, according to Amazon, no way to identify the customer on the other end. All of the Test images are selected at random, the employees do not receive any information, who you listen to because as long as the recording itself, nothing is said. So Amazon wants to protect the privacy of the users. Apple’s Siri in a similar way. According to Bloomberg, Amazon-listeners also get the Account number, the first name and the device ID.

A full access to all stored records, according to Dave Limp, though possible, but special permits have to be obtained, and he assured the star. For example, if a decision of the court in the present case. In addition, Amazon listens to Echo not only the code word “Alexa” to start the recording, only what is said, then, also ends up on Amazon’s servers. There, it is stored permanently. How to find your recordings, and delete can listen to, reveals this Text.

source: Bloomberg

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