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Alexa-recordings will be evaluated from time workers in Poland – how to prevent it


So most of the users had not anticipated: When talking with his Amazon Echo, there is the possibility that it will not get to hear only the assistant to Alexa. Also 7000 Amazon employees get the daily records from the home of the user. Now it shows: The shots remain not sure in Amazon’s Headquarters, but partly also by external service providers in the Home Office.

millions of German language records are evaluated by Polish temporary workers of the company, Randstad, The world reported. According to the paper, many of them will get the sensitive data on a special program even delivered directly to your home. The Alexa footage from the German house can hold so, without further control in private homes to be heard. To date, the group had always emphasized the recordings are only in special rooms available.

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Amazon confirmed the searches at the request of the “world”. “Some employees allowed to work from other locations; however, strict safety measures and policies must apply to each and every employee to keep” the newspaper quoted a spokesman for the group.

In everyday life, seems to be the wording of the article, however, look a little different. The staff at Amazon were trained in Danzig, then they would work but at home. Often as a Job, by the way, while you are about looking after children. One of the workers called it, according to the newspaper “the perfect Housewives”. The employees were quite sensitive materials. Many of the records contain personal data such as names or place names that could be used to identify the user.

Now, Amazon has responded. Shortly after the request of the “world” was taken from a display of the Randstad from the network, shortly thereafter – presumably by the Research of independent – followed announcement that you can tie in the Alexa App now the analysis of their own records by people.

privacy ade Google records everything you say here, you can get it listen to painted Mans to turn on the Listen-in from

to do this Open the current Version of the Alexa App and tap on the top left of the menu icon. Now select “settings” and “Alexa privacy” as well as “define how your data Alexa to improve”. Here must now be voted out of both the improvement in the Amazon Services, as well as the improvement of the records, so a gray box, be. Then nothing more will be submitted for analysis. Already made records not be removed from Amazon’s servers. How to do that, you can find here.

Late measure

Amazon is the problem not alone. Also, Apple and Google allow recordings of the language assistants of employees to analyze. The Background: The automatic voice recognition is not yet ready to recognize all of the commands correctly. The employees should therefore evaluate whether the Computer has understood the user correctly and so improve the Service.

unlike Amazon, Apple and Google have responded but much more drastic on the reports: Both companies have announced that the manual evaluation for the time being to suspend. Apple wants to do in the world, in the case of Google at least European users will not be overheard, initially, of people. Whether the company will find a permanent solution, will have to show.

source: world

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