Germany should focus on to evaluation the renowned computer scientist Chris Boos in its digitization efforts on the topic of “Autonomous Driving”.

“We need to have a theme behind which all can gather,” said the AI expert who advises as a member of the Digitalrats the Federal government, the news Portal “”.

Boos drew a comparison to the announcement by the then U.S. President John F. Kennedy to send a man to the moon. “Our Moonshot is Autonomous Driving.”

Boos highlighted the importance of the automotive industry: “Without the car industry, nothing works in this country, namely. The single identification number are currently sold cars. In the future, it is the number of kilometres driven. This changes everything.”

so Far, is being driven by companies, especially in the USA and in China, the development of autonomously driving cars.

Boos emphasized, for most people, the car business symbolizing strength and personal freedom. But you can gather much more behind the topic – “sustainability, for example”. “At the moment we use our cars only for two percent of their “life time”. Through Autonomous Driving, we could deal much better with the resources.”

The Digitalrat of the Federal government, made up of ten experts was set up in August 2018. He is to advise the government in a practical way and driving. It is a question of projects as a strategy for Artificial intelligence (AI), the digital Pact school, the introduction of a citizen portal, and the digitization of the administration.