A new smart ring is coming out that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a crypto reward system to compete with the industry leader, Oura. Smart rings are like smaller versions of smart watches that can track your heart rate, steps, sleep, and other important health metrics. Oura currently dominates the market with a 62% share, but Cudis is hoping to challenge that with its Genesis smart ring.

The Genesis smart ring from Cudis features an AI-powered coach that provides personalized health and wellness advice. It also offers a rewards program that is tied to a future token airdrop on the Solana blockchain. The first round of pre-orders for the Genesis ring sold 1,500 units and are being shipped to customers this week. A second round of pre-orders has started with 8,500 rings available.

Many of the features of the Cudis Genesis ring are similar to other wearables on the market, such as tracking heart rates, steps, sleep, stress, and recovery. The Oura ring, for example, encourages users to improve their health through statistics and scoring systems. However, Cudis is aiming to innovate with its AI-powered recommendations.

The company claims that the Genesis smart ring recommendations will use advanced AI models and specialized knowledge gathered from fitness experts. Users can choose an AI coach with a specific personality type and have natural language conversations with them about their fitness journey. The goal is to provide more personalized and specialized advice for better health outcomes.

In addition to the AI coach feature, Cudis also plans to incentivize users with a “use-to-earn” rewards program. Users can earn points by wearing the ring, testing their heart rate, and using the app. These points can be accumulated and converted into cryptocurrency through a Solana token that is set to launch later this year.

The Genesis smart ring is currently available for pre-order for 1.5 Solana (about $220). It can only be purchased with cryptocurrency at the moment, but a fiat payment option is in the works. Once the Cudis smart ring is widely available, it will retail for $349.

Overall, the success of the Cudis smart ring may depend on the performance of its AI model and the unique recommendations it provides. The company’s focus on personalized health advice and rewarding users for their data sets it apart from other smart rings on the market.