The Melsungen were driven on Monday to the Cup game to Kiel and then on Wednesday to Stuttgart, fly. The journey home is then carried out today, Thursday, directly after the game against the TVB (19), of the via live Ticker reports.*

“We have now decided that these four days in this occupation. Of course, the dramatic Situation to Domagoj Pavlovic is still in the minds. But I am confident that we can find the concentration to Stuttgart. The in this small cadre, of course, not easier for us, but a Chance to get something there, we have to,” says Melsungens coach Heiko Grimm. Pavlovic was hurt in the Cup in Kiel, hard as* reports – he is the fourth injured backcourt players in the Hessen according to Julius Kühn, Michael Müller, and Timm Schneider.

Stuttgart Topmann Michael Kraus missing with a broken Hand.

Handball-Bundesliga: TVB Stuttgart – MT Melsungen live on Sky & via live Ticker for this

initiation in the Stuttgart SCHARRena is at 19 o’clock. The game is live on SKY.

The Melsungen have no good memories of the last guest in Stuttgart: It was on 24. August 2017. The handball player for MT Melsungen won all preparation games and were in front of the point of the start of the game has been in TVB Stuttgart with many laurels in the mind. But then the North of Hesse failed on the first round, the nerves – it is a painful 27:29 defeat. It took a few weeks, until the Team of this Bust recovered.

+ Melsungens Domagoj Pavlovic will be out for several months hurt.© Alibek Käsler / nhTVB Stuttgart – MT Melsungen: guests with two circle runners?

Before the match this season, the starting situation is different. Although the MT has won the last five League games, but must process the events from the Cup’s evening in Kiel. Melsungens coach Heiko Grimm searches for tactical solutions on how he can catch the next failure to some extent.

An Option is to be runners is a System with two Circle. In the process, Marino Maric and Felix Danner of creating the circle the necessary rooms, and the first-choice right wing Tobias Reichmann can operate in the right rear area. Otherwise, it must inform the exchange, Finn Lemke, Philipp Müller, Lasse Mikkelsen and Simon Birkefeldt.

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