The abbreviation ” 5G ” stands for a promise of the day. Actually, first of all, as a super-fast network for business and industrial applications advertised, addressed the mobile industry is now on the IFA in Berlin, the private people increased.

Deutsche Telekom announced at the technology fair that their first antennas, sparks, and now 5G. Samsung announced two more Smartphone models, the 5G will support. And Vodafone is using the new devices to promote their own 5G network and the free Zubuch options.

With the new ultra radio fast mobile standard is to remain Germany’s industrial competitive factories are networked, products such as Autonomous driving can be designed at the end of cars in this country, thanks to 5G and eventually on the roads. On the IFA the private consumers, however, are in the focus.

To rave about meeting Michael Hagspihl, the telecoms for private customer business was in the industry. “With 5G, a new age is dawning – and not just for business customers but also for private customers”, said the Manager and said: “5G will not peel, LTE but 5G on top of all comes””.”

about three months, the frequency auction by the Federal network Agency ended – a total of 6.6 billion euros, the network operators and the 5G frequency range of costs. Now you need the Expansion to go back on the is still quite at the beginning. So far there have been only two Smartphones that support the Standard. In addition to the Mate X of Huawei, Samsung had offered to be the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 in a 5G variant. Samsung announced the Galaxy A90 5G a mid-range device, it is also fast data download and the Quasi-real-time response (latency, works with the ultra). So you want to make the 5G technology “available to a wide public,” said Samsung Manager Olaf May.

width of the mass? Well, Yes. A glance at the map appears to be currently hard to imagine. Telekom, for example, functions with 129 antennas in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Bonn and Darmstadt in bandwidths of one Gigabit per second and more. On a map of Germany, the company offers a good Overview of the streets, where 5G is to receive. Even if you scroll near it, there are only small Blobs – the largest of them is in Berlin-Mitte, where 66 antennas sparks in the ultra-fast Standard. Until the end of the year it will be 300 antennas, which are also in Hamburg and Leipzig.

In the race between the network operators, Vodafone has to pay is currently slightly ahead. The company from Düsseldorf, comes on more than 150 5G antennas, which are spread over 52 locations. Until the end of the year it should be about 150 locations. Telefónica, the third German mobile network operator, is not yet so far – so far, so it is only a two fight for the favor of 5G for private customers.

The two companies are different: Vodafone has enabled 5G antenna already in 38 cities, where there are but only a Mini-5G-network. The Telekom focused on fewer cities, but more surface area is covered – who is, for example, from the Brandenburg gate to walk to Kreuzberg, which is in large part about 5G-Terrain. “We rely on contiguous areas, not in symbolic places,” said Hagspihl.

Some experts see the move by the company but critical: 5G for private customers “is pure Marketing, and a lot of noise about very little”, complained Torsten Gerpott, telecommunications, Essen, Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The surfaces on which customers of the Telecom and Vodafone, the new mobile technology could be very small and on a map of Germany is hardly recognisable. In addition, most of the mobile phone is not needed to users of 5G currently, yet. “Who today needs to stream already strictly 8k-Videos on his Smartphone at a lower resolution, who are also very good.” There were hardly any applications for which you need 5G. “Until 5G arrives in the mass market, it will take three to four years.”

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