Ubisoft San Francisco has announced some major changes to the gameplay and progression system of XDefiant after gathering feedback from players. Executive producer Mark Rubin shared that players will now level up at double the speed compared to before. Previously, it required 3000 experience points to level up, but now it will only take 1500 experience points. This adjustment will make the grind for Gold status 14% faster and unlocking weapon attachments even quicker. However, the levels needed to unlock mastery skins will remain the same. The team is working on implementing these changes soon, although an exact date has not been provided yet.

One of the main issues with XDefiant was the grind associated with the Weapon Mastery system. The studio was concerned that players would reach the maximum grind too quickly, diminishing the satisfaction of unlocking skins. A previous change made while the game was live had a negative impact on players who had already invested effort into progression. Rubin acknowledged this misstep and stated that the focus should have been on introducing new challenges and grinds to maintain the game’s excitement. He admitted, “This was a mistake on our part and we will own that.”

The first season content for XDefiant is set to launch on July 2, including the introduction of the Ranked playlist and a new faction from Rainbow Six Siege, GSK. Despite criticisms of XDefiant being unoriginal and having conflicting styles, GameSpot’s review highlighted the game’s solid gunplay and well-designed maps as strengths.

Overall, the changes planned for XDefiant aim to address player feedback and improve the gaming experience. By speeding up progression and focusing on new challenges, Ubisoft San Francisco hopes to create a more engaging and rewarding environment for players. Stay tuned for updates on the implementation of these changes and the upcoming season content for XDefiant.