Munich town councillor Marian Offman: “The multiplication of incidents in the customer traffic with knives and guns is frightening. Therefore, consideration should be given, despite the added expense of security personnel in the customer traffic this way.“ The access to a social authority should be as low as possible threshold. “However, the safety in the workplace must always come first.”

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As reported, responded wants the administration to protect the social unit with a new concept better, as it is becoming more and more frequent Assaults on staff. In 2012, 73 incidents, 2015, 106, and in 2017 already 142. The concerns of the customers concern often existential themes, “frustrations are often unavoidable,” said social security officer Dorothee Schiwy (SPD). Offman: “This should be no reason for it to be to employees grip.”

Sascha Karowski

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