Update of 22. November, 10 p.m.: Like the MVG announced just now on Twitter, were completed the problems on the lines U3, U4, U5 and U6. Nevertheless, it should be expected irregularities.

“Significant schedule deviations”: Massive problems with the U-Bahn München – first message

Munich – On Thursday morning, it came in Munich to massive problems with the U-Bahn. The MVG has been reported on Twitter felt the minute on the current situation. On the platforms, huddled under the large number of passengers waiting for the trains.

U3, U4, U5, and U6 are Affected: Here there are occasional cancellations – until around 10.30 PM. “In the case of the above-mentioned U-Bahn lines, it currently comes to adverse effects. It is to be expected with the delays and scattered cancellations. Due to increased vehicle use disorders, deviations, with a significant Roadmap to expect. The disability is anticipated to last until 10.30 am. Please ensure you also display speakers and Destination,“ writes the MVG is on your side.

problems in the U-Bahn München: U7

And also in the case of U7, there are problems – here it comes to occasional cancellations. “Until about 9.45 PM, all scheduled trains are not on the above lines. It may, therefore, occasionally to stroke gaps and longer waiting times“, the MVG.

About all the problems, restrictions, and cancellations in the case of the Munich S-Bahn Ticker like you in our S-Bahn-to-date.

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