“I can’t guarantee a 100% result, but it is certain that you will come out transformed.” Mr. P.*, practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars, receives in its office of the IIIe arrondissement of Paris. His teapot cast iron japanese is still steaming, a dim light and a few candles scattered light and zen decoration, while a discreet melody of classical music provides the atmosphere. It is preparing to deliver a session of ninety minutes to try to treat or at least relieve, chronic pain, back and neck as well as tinnitus persisting for ten months.

If it does not promise miracle instant, he ensures that the Access method the Bars will “generate a flow of energy outside of the mind” to create a “mental horizon expanded, totally blue”, and finally chasing the “pedal of ideas,” which disturbs the mind and the body. The terms are vague, but the technical, it, wants more arrested. Mr. P. invites us to lie down on the massage table, and then puts his fingers on symmetrical points located around the skull. “I creates a current to activate the bars [of healing, money, space-time, etc]. There, it works, it no longer works”, shows-t-he placing and then removing her fingers on her temples. The pressures are light, sometimes with a very small circular movement, and maintained for ten minutes. No other protocol is not required : speak, silence, sleep or stay awake, in all cases, the session will be “beneficial”, speaks to our host. Before you suggest that images or shapes may appear, which would indicate that the “cleaning” process works.

135 euros the consultation, 300 for a day of training

An hour and a half later, the practitioner exposes his theory. “In the morning, you wake up and the energy of yin descends by the head, and that of the yang rises through the feet. If the two balance each other out at the level of the belly, then you are a pasha, everything opens up in front of you. But if the energy remains at the level of the head, there will be blockages, interference.” The session would have allowed to “speak” to these energies to release them. “From now on, everything will become more clear”, he says, while admitting not to be able to provide an accurate diagnosis. “I don’t have to try to understand the energy of the patient, otherwise I overwhelm the benefits, it is up to you to do the work”, she defends it. If the desired effect does not occur – this is the case, it is probably the fault of the customer. Practice.

But mr. P. has, however, felt the energy very strong and very impressive” that would achieve “great things”. It would be regrettable not to take advantage of it during one of the training sessions that it organises from time to time. In a single day, and against the modest sum of 300 euros, it will teach the basics of Access Bars. In the meantime, we have already shed a few tickets : € 135 consultation. The portfolio is lightweight, but tinnitus, back pain and neck pain are still there.

screen Capture from one of the pages Facebook Access Bars the promotion of “32 points” and “bars” that they activate.

The Express

such An experience could lend to smile if this so called ” method of physical and mental recovery was not in full expansion. It was invented in 1995 by Gary Douglas, an American who has been in close relationship with members of the Church of scientology (in the 1980s and 1990s), and Dain Heer, a chiropractor-turned in the mental coaching. Since then, Access Bars would have “helped changed the lives of over 30,000 people and would count 3 000 facilitators [editor’s NOTE : trainers] in the world,” says the official website.

In France, the practice appeared around 2010 and is growing at an alarming rate since 2015. The healers recently trained, as mr. P., are multiplying, as are the videos on YouTube, while a swarm of specialized blogs are an echo of the effectiveness of Access Bars based on a (single) “scientific” study, meant to demonstrate its ability to treat depression and anxiety. These findings, published in the journal of esoteric Energy Psychology, are largely questionable. The sample ridiculous (seven individuals), the duration of the experiment (one session of ninety minutes), or the author, Terry Hope, has a degree in natural medicine in “the university quantum of Honolulu”, are that the study has in reality no value. But Access Bars is even more dangerous than it seems. “We have received more than 50 reports and queries in the past two years (see box),” said Anne Josso, the secretary general of the interministerial Mission of vigilance and fight against sectarian deviances (Miviludes). An increase in insidious revealing that the speech blurred, like those of mr. P., are the tip of the iceberg.

ZOOM : beware of guru –

A pensioner who has lost several thousands of euros in very many formations ; another who has suffered solicitations permanent for the raising of funds, especially to finance the taxes… a co-founder of Access Bars ; or even a spouse who is concerned about the transformation of the brutal of his companion having left behind loved ones and family, including her two young children… so Many testimonies of victims who are worried about the highest point of the Miviludes. “There is a degree of initiation, an evolution of the discourse as the progression that are typical of the methods of type-sectarian”, dénuncio Anne Josso.

At the beginning, the practitioners are satisfied with a theory of the “liberation of the cellular memories”, and then they entrust it to their followers that they are “humanoids”, a superior species to humans, capable of psychic powers supernatural. In one of the manuals confidential that The Express has obtained, the founder, Gary Douglas, argues that Access Bars has been transmitted “from another reality”… Before I describe a phenomenon of taking possession of the body by six types of entities, including “demons”, that he proposes to combat thanks to a magical incantation. We also find out the long list of proposed courses to maintain titles and licenses acquired during the training, the whole amounting to several thousand euros. Chilling.

* The goal is not to denounce a particular person, the name has been anonymised.

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