From the presidential to the legislative elections, the candidates of the National Rally refute assimilations to the far right and rather evoke a patriotic right. Gérard Vollory used an argument that surprised the spectators of France 3 Rhône-Alpes, Wednesday, May 18. The RN candidate in the 3rd district of the Rhône in Lyon was invited to debate alongside Marie-Charlotte Garin, Nupes candidate and EELV activist, LR candidate Béatrice de Montille and Sarah Peillon, in the legislative race for the presidential majority . Accused of being “in the extremes”, the 65-year-old politician held up a photo of his Rwandan wife in front of the camera. “A picture of my wife!” he simply commented in front of the other flabbergasted guests.

After a brief silence, Gérard Vollory concluded the subject with an annoyed “thank you”. Just before his gesture, Marie-Charlotte Garin accused him of playing the “de-demonization” card: “The de-demonization of the National Rally does not fool anyone. We can say as much as we want that we are not an extreme, but from the moment we belong to an extremist party…” After the publication of the portrait of the candidate’s companion, Sarah Peillon estimated that “the private life must remain in the private domain”.

Gérard Vollory, @RNational_off candidate in the 3rd circo du

Shortly after this moment of television which left many Internet users speechless, as they testify on social networks, Gérard Vollory conceded that it was “perhaps a bad reaction”: “But it was my first debate and, if it offended, I apologize. His wife reportedly took notice of the fiery reactions on Twitter and Facebook: “She wished I hadn’t.” Annoyed because it was “implied” that he was “racist”, Gérard Vollory said he saw in this gesture an effective way to instantly end the debate.

Tense moment on the set of @F3Rhone_Alpes today. Immense fatigue in the face of this nauseating extreme right.