Nuremberg (dpa/tmn) – a accident between car and pedestrian, is liable often the motorists due to the danger of his vehicle. In some cases, but are also liable for the pedestrian alone.

The judgment of the Oberlandesgericht Nürnberg, the working group traffic law of the German bar Association (DAV) reports shows that A woman wanted to mount a man-high poster in the area of the green strip to a seven-lane road. There, where she had parked her car, crossed it with the bulky wall street. In the process, they captured a car and injured you severely. 15 meters further there is a pedestrian traffic light.

The court ruled that the motorist did not expect that someone would not use a bulky Billboard this close to a traffic light. This should have been the woman to the court’s view, to do and was instead gross violation of the traffic regulations. You had to adhere to, therefore alone, for the accident (Az.: 4 U 1386/17).

Association of traffic law