Naturism enthusiasts are angry. Anthony Cipher, Resist! – the political movement of Jean Lassalle – in the legislative elections in the 1st district of Pyrénées-Orientales, recently sparked controversy after a tweet aimed, precisely, at naturists. In his message, the politician calls for “ten years’ imprisonment and the withdrawal of parental authority” for parents practicing naturism with their children. An exit felt like an insult by the French Federation of Naturism (FFN), which decided to write directly to Jean Lassalle to protest, reports L’Indépendant.

Viviane Tiar, president of the FFN, herself wrote the missive where she denounces a “call to hatred against French naturists and their families”, and judges these remarks “as violent as they are inadmissible”. Viviane Tiar also warns in this letter that the FFN reserves the right to examine any possible recourse against these “hateful and defamatory remarks”.

After his tweet and the sharing of Viviane Tiar, Anthony Chiffre received a lot of negative comments and insults. He eventually took down his tweet apologetically. Questioned by L’Indépendant, the Catalan candidate nevertheless insisted on maintaining his position on the question. “It seems essential to me that we prohibit minors from being exposed to naturism,” he explained. “You have to protect the children. Photos circulating in child pornography networks are sometimes taken on nudist beaches. »

With The Independent, Anthony Numeral also revealed that he had been the victim of death threats and announced his intention to file a complaint.