A majority of the German population has done in the past year, Bank transactions over the Internet.

51 percent of respondents in a survey of the Federal Statistical office, that you check on the Internet your account balance and make Transfers. Ten years earlier it had been only 33 percent.

Other financial transactions, however, are made significantly less on a Computer or Smartphone. So only 10 per cent completed online, insurance contracts, and 6 per cent negotiated with securities. Only 3 percent opted on the Internet for the loan and credit agreements, – stated in the message of Tuesday.

Online Banking is widely used, with a share of 78 percent in the age group of 25 to 44 years most. It is the 45 to 65-Year-olds, with an Online share of 55 percent. Of the over 65-year-old respondents, only one in four used the digital way.

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