Marketing is synonymous with change. You need to constantly grease your marketing wheels to please customers.  Because if you take marketing with a pinch of salt, no matter what, your business is going to suffer big time. Simply put, your business’s survival depends on the right type of marketing strategy, which in turn generates traffic, leads, and sales.

Here I walk you through 7 top tips to boost your online marketing efforts in 2019.

#1. Headlines That Grab Eyeballs in Social Media

It goes without saying: Social media is huge.  Almost 81% of the U.S. population uses at least one social media platform to connect with friends and relatives; and not to buy any products or services.

So, if your brand needs to catch customer attention in your reader’s social media feed, you need to come up with killer headlines. For this, you can use the four U writing strategy coined by the American Writers and Artists Inc.

The four U’s include Urgency, Usefulness, Uniqueness, and Ultra-specificity. For better understanding read the Forbes article, “How To Write Social Media Headlines That Stand Out.” 

#2. Use Blogging more Adeptly 

Typically, blogs are supposed to offer relevant information and educate the readers. Plus, it helps as a lead generation tool for it attracts inquiries and leads to your sites, in addition to offering value to those who read them.

But, at the same time, you need to measure visits and see how people feel when they read your posts. Read this post,  “Awesome! Complete Cheat Sheet to Write Like a Professional Blogger Today,” to conjure effective blog posts for your site.        

#3. Leverage People-based Marketing

The marketing ecosystem will go from data-driven marketing to more people-based marketing. In other words, brands will be putting customers at the center of marketing. This is because the brands have come to realize that it’s people who help build brands and turn them around into cultural icons.

When a brand becomes people-oriented, the consumers more often than not are likely to act in the favor of the brand – and even provide social proofs that help promote brand awareness. 

#3. Update your SEO Regularly

Industry experts recommend updating SEO on a quarterly basis. This is important because Google is known to make updates to its algorithm no fewer than 500 times a year. So, track down the keywords that attract more eyeballs to your website. This will help your brand reach people, particularly those who want your products and services.

#4. Make the most of Mobile Marketing

Your desktop version of marketing may be great, but then it is equally important to see that it converts well in all devices. Consumers prefer uniformity across all devices. And so the more accessible and seamless it is, more the chances of audience buying from you.

But then, see that you are authentic in your dealings. Because being authentic makes it easier to connect with your audience and build a brand that your audience wants to continuously engage with.  For more information on mobile marketing, consult some of the top digital marketing agencies directly.  

#5. Leverage Information Bias to Optimize Ecommerce Sales

If you are running an eCommerce store, it is important to follow the *information bias* technique. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, offering more and more information to the customers is not always good. Read more about information bias in the JeremySaid blog. In a nutshell, the blog talks about using this technique to optimize eCommerce sales.     

#6. Upgrade your Email Distribution Efforts 

Email marketing is still the best marketing tool when it comes to reaching your audience.  And the fact that it could still be done on dirt cheap prices is what makes it an evergreen strategy, especially for small businesses.  In fact, email open rates have accelerated 180 percent on mobile devices and more than that over half of the U.S. cell phone owners access their emails on their phones.    

Compared to other forms of mobile notifications such as text messages, email is considered best because it barely costs anything to the consumer. And, the biggest plus is that it can be accessed across all devices. This way it keeps the brand on the top of your mind. Here’s a curated list of top email marketing companies to boost the open rates of your emails.

#7.  Don’t Give Social Media a Goby  

In addition to email marketing, social media is yet another indispensable tool that you can’t give a go by. So, take some pain to find out the platforms your audience is using and then target your posts accordingly as per the best times and dates.

Engage with them by responding both to their praises and concerns. According to a study, 67% of consumers depend on social media for customer service inquiries. So, make sure you have a presence on social media to ensure a positive outcome, always.

Do you have anymore more ideas to boost you’re online marketing efforts? Share them in the comments below.

Author Bio: This is Jennifer Warren, a Content Crafter for GoodFirms – a review and research platform for mobile app development, web development companies and more. The company publishes research reports on a time to time basis, the latest one is on PPC  Management Research.