This Run is likely to force some of the Desk in the knee: With his new Predator Monitor Acer shows that you have the Largest. And the with distance. Incredible 65-inch diagonal, the Monitor is of brings and should with this diagonal in the case of many a gamer for a stiff neck.

Last year, Acer had taken care of with a 10,000-Euro Laptop with a 21 inch for a sensation that could compete with any games-PC. Also, this year’s Monitor-colossus is aimed at gamers. The LED Display in 4K resolution is optimized in accordance with it. The graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has developed a technology that G-Sync and a refresh rate of 120 Hertz to provide for a smoother motion appearance. With a 1000 Nit screen is quite bright, if he breaks any records. And, of course, HDR is supported.

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For many of the Predator could be good but also as a TV replacement. A traditional TV receiver is not installed, Acer relies on the functions of the game console Nvidia Shield. The enable games to stream wirelessly to the screen, but also the Installation of Android Apps such as Netflix or the TV App Zattoo. Who does not interfere in the slight delay of Internet television, is likely to be completely satisfied. For football Fans who don’t want to listen to the neighbors first to cheer, but it is rather nothing.

Also Smarthome and Multimedia functions by the Shield control. So you need to resort to the keyboard, with Google’s Assistant even voice control on Board.

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Something strange appears the decision not to develop the Monitor as a Curved Display. While this type of construction has the TV at viewing angles from the side of disadvantages, it is especially in the case of extremely large monitors really beneficial. There’s usually only one Person faces the screen, they can place themselves exactly in the perfect viewing angle. By the curve, the edges are then to look even better. If Acer wants to offer such a variant later, is not known.

on the question of what the Monster cost, Acer covered. The final price and the release date is to be announced later. An Acer model, in a 48.5 inch currently costs just under 800 euros, 1500 euros, the new giant will be get well. A real best seller is not likely to be the giant, but out of purely practical reasons.

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At CES, Samsung has unveiled its new flagship television: He listens to the name “The Wall” and is gigantic. But beyond the sheer size, it has a couple of exciting new features.

By Christoph Fröhlich