mobile operators in South Korea and the United States earlier than planned, taken by commercial networks of the new data transmission system 5G for Smartphones in operation.

In the race to the Start of the first super-fast network for the mass market, the 5G network in the USA, however, initially only in two cities available. In South Korea, only selected users were in at the Start.

The US-Provider Verizon announced on Wednesday (local time) that the 5G ultra-broad operating band in Parts of Chicago and Minneapolis in the live – a week earlier than planned. Shortly before, the three largest operators in South Korea enabled their networks for the new mobile radio standard a day earlier than planned. The new network will be in South Korea in 85 cities, including the capital city of Seoul and six other major cities available.

With the 5G can be transported, up to around a hundred Times faster than the current LTE (4G). The new Standard also promises a shorter running times of the data (latency).

Both Verizon as well as suppliers in South Korea claimed to have the world’s first 5G Smartphone users. In South Korea, they have been equipped in advance with the new 5G-enabled flagship Smartphone from the market leader Samsung, Galaxy S10. The model, however, will only come this Friday officially on the market.

The largest mobile operator in South Korea, SK Telecom, said on Thursday that six celebrities, including former Olympic figure skating champion Yuna Kim to be the “first 5G Smartphone subscribers in the world.” The Celebrities to advertise it as 5G-Ambassador for the Service of the company. to use

the ultra-fast 5G network Verizon in the US, customers can rely on the Motorola model Moto Z3, which needs to be upgraded to extra.

In South Korea had taken the telecommunications company SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus are already in December, a 5G network for commercial use for Wi-Fi routers of corporate customers in the operation. South Korea advance was at the Start of 5G in other countries, said the Minister for science and information technology, Yoo Young Min. “We will focus all resources to be at 5G a world leader.” 5G will help to realize new technologies, self-driving cars, robots, and holograms included, as well as to create new values by combining various areas of industry.

In Germany is still ongoing, the auction of frequencies for 5G. Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone, as well as the newcomers Drillisch are among the bidders.