the competent Federal network Agency is faced with a soft position for the Expansion of the fast Internet to the mobile radio standard 5G in Germany in the criticism.

The network operators Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica warn to sharp constraints and excessive costs. Some politicians values, however, the targeted expansion of duties for being too lax. It comes to procurement rules for spectrum auction for ultra-fast mobile Internet 5G, which might be this Monday by the Federal network Agency. The rules determine the extent of the future mobile expansion. The auction is scheduled for 2019.

The Green of the Bundestag, Oliver Krischer contended that the previously planned procurement rules, the absence of effective sanctions in case of non-compliance with the requirements contained. As a result, the network operator would not have to implement the prescribed mobile Expansion along the country roads is expected. Reason: Lack Of Cost-Effectiveness. “As a network operator I don’t invest 500 million euros, I can not import again, when I just need to pay a fine of 100 000 euros,” said Krischer. “The fines urgently needs to be reworked.”

In Germany, there was a “one of the worst mobile networks in Europe and the high prices,” said the Green politician. “In the cover, we are cut off between Albania and Russia is on the rear seats.” This success story will now be written with the upcoming frequency auction to continue, he warned. Politicians of other parties have expressed a lack of understanding on the expansion rate of the authority and demanded more stringent conditions.

the back cover got the Federal network Agency from the CDU. The proposed rules on Procurement were “a big step forward, both in terms of the quality relates to the quantity, as well as what,” said the member of the Bundestag Joachim Pfeiffer. The prescribed latency time – so the delay in the Transfer of only 10 Milli-seconds, “that Germany is for 5G-a lead market in Europe”.

Pfeiffer is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Federal network Agency. The representatives of the Bundestag and the länder Committee meets this Monday in Berlin to discuss the rules on Procurement. Following the meeting of the body is the head of the network Agency, Jochen Homann wants to set up rules, together with other representatives of the Award, possibly as early as Monday afternoon, possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Advisory Board has no veto power, authorities chief Homann wants to set the important rules, but “in Consultation” with the Board.

5. Generation mobile communications (5G) is expected to play for the industry and other sectors of the economy a Central role in Germany, in order to remain competitive. Innovations such as Autonomous Driving or tele-medicine need ultra-fast Internet. The policy evaluates 5G also as an opportunity, so that Germany comes to the Internet but still on the fast Lane. The Federal network Agency’s proposed rules aim to ensure that by the end of 2024 to all Federal and state roads as well as Railways, ports and major waterways in fast mobile Internet is available.