This thing can be used for SMM, SEO, and other forms of marketing. 5 reasons why you should use SMS services for your business channel

Here are five reasons why SMS services for your business channel are a great idea!

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is one of the most effective marketing channels in today’s market. This thing can be used for SMM, SEO, and other forms of marketing. According to the research, SMS remains the most potent channel used by marketing agencies. Other tracks are still nowhere near SMS. But many marketers forget about SMS, being attracted by newly invented platforms and channels, like new ad formats and social media services. Bulk SMS’s effectiveness is almost 100% since almost everyone opens text messages on her or his smartphone.

It’s a cost-effective option for marketing companies

SMS messages are cheap when companies pay wholesale prices for them. Other marketing channels don’t allow you to get the needed result for such an affordable price, especially when compared to well-known marketing approaches, like Search or Display advertising, let alone TV or radio commercials.

Quick and easy way to reach audiences

There’s no learning curve involved since everyone knows how to read text messages on the screen — because of this, SMS established itself as an effective outreach method.

SMS are reliable

This is one of the most direct and reliable methods of reaching customers. You can run advertising campaigns on the internet or by other advertising formats, but SMS is less complicated and time-consuming than them. It has a laser-like accuracy of targeting. You can divide your audience into several groups and target them afterward using appropriate offerings. But you have to understand what messages are suitable for a particular target audience.


You don’t have to use your personal phone number for registration purposes.

When registering an account on some online service – be it Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, Steam, and the like. OnlineSIM provides its users with a second phone number service. There are proprietary hardware and software in place, which acts as a virtual SIM-card. So, if privacy is your priority, don’t register using your phone number.

There are free virtual online numbers available. You can rent an individual number on the OnlineSIM website, a reliable way to receive text messages when, for instance, registering a second page on social media or an additional email account. Look here, and social media companies use their user’s data for advertising, so why do you need to give them such a favor when you’ve got a virtual phone number?

With this link, you can go to the OnlineSIM website and register an account without a hitch. There’s no need to confirm registration via email.