2020 James Dyson Award has opened for applications for the competition

Despite the current situation in the world, inventors continue to solve important problems of mankind. Award the James Dyson Award (JDA) is starting a new collection of applications from young and talented engineers that offer effective solutions to everyday problems. An important difference from previous years: in 2020 the international will award two winners.

Recall that the contest has been held since 2005. Past winners have received worldwide recognition, articles about their inventions have appeared in many leading media outlets, and hence their decision has received wide publicity and additional investments. One in five of the previous winners, who received the award in the amount of 30 thousand pounds (2.8 million Russian rubles at the exchange rate on March 26, 2020), successfully launched his invention on the market.

First, all entries are submitted to the national selection within each participating country. In Russia, organizers of the contest selected 30 of the most developed and promising projects. Then the competent jury determines the top three. Later, all national winners will automatically become participants of the international competition of JDA.

Then a jury of engineers from Dyson is the list of 20 contenders for the main prize. Then sir James Dyson considers the 20 best projects selecting the winner and finalists of the international stage.

In 2020 the competition will be an additional nomination, a prize which will go to the second winner, focusing on sustainable development.

“Every year we marvel at the ingenuity and responsibility of young people who solve really important problems. Many candidates for the award James Dyson Award strive to improve the world through engineering and technology. Realizing the importance of inventions and discoveries engineers in creating a future based on the principles of sustainable development, we decided to establish a second international nomination. It focuses on ideas that allow you to achieve more with less and reshaUte environmental or social problems,” explained cheese James Dyson.

the Application deadline is 16 July 2020 on the official website of the award. To increase your chances of winning, you need to carefully consider proposed idea. Also claims better to accompany photos and videos that demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of the proposed solution.

the winners of the national stage of the James Dyson Award will be announced 2020 17 September 2020 (all of them will get to 2000, or 187 thousand). 20 of the best international projects will be announced October 15 (all who enter this short-list will receive further development of their solutions another 5000). The names of the international winners will be announced on 19 November, 2020.

Text: To.Science