The shipping giant Amazon looks back this year on its 20th anniversary.

Everything began in the year 1999: Internet users not selected at that time, yet usually with a whistling-in 56k modem to the World Wide Web, Smartphones, there, Gerhard Schröder was Chancellor and on the Radio with the Hit “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega. And Amazon opened on the 6. September the first own warehouse. The first article that went out, was, curiously, a Danish Textbook, as a spokesman in Munich said.

As the site of the U.S. was looking for-group – at that time still far removed from today’s market – Bad Hersfeld. The advantage is that The osthessische Spa and festival town, is located centrally in Germany, especially close to the highways that lead in all directions of the sky.

The site liked Amazon so good that ten years later a second, far larger, and right on the highway 4-located logistics centre was added. It was on 5. August 2009 opened. Now, Amazon has 13 logistics centers with a total of 13 000 permanent employees in Germany. In Bad Hersfeld Amazon’s largest site will be employed in both Camps 3,500 people nationwide.

The retail sector may not be speaking because of the greatly increased competition, so good on the competitors from the network. But the town of Bad Hersfeld, is pleased about the industry leader from the United States. “Amazon and Bad Hersfeld are a godsend for each other,” says mayor Thomas Fehling (independent). The company was a major employer that had contributed “significantly” to the good employment numbers, but also an important contributor to the city life, such as the Hessentag, or in the case of the Bad Hersfeld festival.

Meanwhile, the only people in the newer were not work camps of the Amazon. The regional Director for Germany, Armin Cossmann, explains: “For us, people and technology work Hand-in-Hand.” In Frankenthal, Germany, Kiel, and Winsen (Luhe) to bring the transport robot, the shelves with the products to the employees. “That’s because we work there, especially smaller to medium-sized article. The robots help us to facilitate the work, to be faster and to utilize the warehouse space optimally.”

trade expert Gerrit Heinemann, Professor of business Economics at the Niederrhein University of applied Sciences, says, Amazon have developed an “engine of innovation” and set Standards in the industry. “Amazon has made in the past 20 years, the German trade on its head.”

But upgraded older stock, such as the first of Amazon in Bad Hersfeld. In the past year, seven million euros have been invested. Has brought it, among other things, rebuilt shelving systems, new conveyor technology and pallet trucks. With the expansion of the product range of beer, wine and spirits are stored there increased. Amazon in Bad Hersfeld, be nationwide the largest assortment of alcoholic beverages.

In a sparkling mood for the anniversary may be Amazon employees. Of the trade Union Verdi, but there is no happiness to be desired: “Amazon celebrates its 20-year-old birthday. That means 20 years of anti-Union employees policy. The company has created, without a doubt, Provide. But it wants to dictate to today’s one-sided, as the real working conditions of appearance,” says the Department of trade responsible trade Union Secretary Mechthild Middeke.

she criticized: “The everyday life for the employees at Amazon is characterized by low pay, Work stress, a rigid control system, and the increasing monotony. A child would be an adult now, and it is impossible to time the employees have more participation. An appropriate birthday gift would be the inclusion of collective bargaining for better working conditions.”

fighting back against collective bargaining Amazon for years. Therefore, a deadlocked dispute between the shipping giant and the Union is simmering. In mid-may of 2013, Verdi called on for the first time to strike, including at the location in Bad Hersfeld. Amazon sees itself as an exemplary employer. The company will offer a payment at the upper end of the Industry-standard in the logistics, in addition, there are career opportunities and lots of Extras.

The business of Amazon seem to be the recurrent damage strikes. The world’s largest Online retailer of Tech billionaire Jeff Bezos generated in the second quarter of 2019, with a profit of 2.3 billion euros.

industry experts see a large dominance of Amazon. The company have around 40 percent market share in the German Online trade, says Heinemann. The company is one of the most popular sources of the German with 17.3 million Prime members, and 44 million customers in the Federal territory.

However, the market power of Amazon’s promises for some people it’s not Good. “The downside is that suppliers and marketplace partners of Amazon threaten in a dependency case to get,” says Heinemann. And if products work well, they are copied and offered. The customers make Amazon with each purchase, a piece of powerful and weaknesses of the competition. This means: competition stimulates business.

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