Tavis Ormandy should have been astonished, as he realized what he had just discovered. Here, the security is used-researchers a lot of cracking in the order of Google’s Project Zero programs and operating systems routinely, your errors to uncover. Something like the current error it finds but, fortunately, rare: A gap allows to obtain the highest user rights on any Windows PC. For almost 20 years.

The mistake about the Ormandy stumbled in a nondescript process, but it has dramatic consequences. Since Windows XP introduced a process called MSCTF supposed to manage the appearance of fonts. By a Trick it is possible, however, commands him to inject – and thus for the security of important legal administration to overturn it. So virtually everything on a PC under unauthorized control.

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Everyone should require to know the message that you can run some things on the PC as an Administrator. This protective measure is intended to ensure that not every process can make significant Changes. A program is infected by a pest, it can align with restricted Rights only little damage. The discovered errors undermines this measure and allowed it even commands with the more powerful System Privileges to perform. By means of small programs like the calculator, the whole System could take over.

“You could hook into active processes of other users, each program apply or Login of an administrator waiting for and then which Session to take,” says Ormandy. Most dangerous is the fact that also the Log-In process with the voice input communicated was but. This way you could log in with system privileges. Then stands full control, nothing more in the way of that.

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That the gap undermines other security measures, aggravated the situation further. In order to prevent a Takeover, run some processes in a sort of a practice, which is called Sandboxing, isolated from the Rest of the system. However, the CTF-gap deal also, so Ormandy. Thus, one can obtain theoretically from the Browser Edge control.


update fortunately there is a remedy: With the new patch Tuesday, Microsoft has closed the gap already, in all versions starting with Windows 7 you will be fixed with the latest security update. Windows XP will not receive security updates.

The Updates should install immediately. In addition to the previously rather theoretical CTF Problem you can repair a gap, the computer is susceptible to a highly aggressive Computer worm are.

source: Google Blog, Microsoft

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