Inkle, the developer behind A Highland Song and Heaven’s Vault, is taking players back to 1922 with its upcoming game set at Miss Mulligatawney’s School for Promising Girls. While details about the game are scarce, clues on Steam indicate that it will involve investigation, interactive fiction, comic book elements, and a 2D art style.

The game’s store listing features a flyer advertising the school’s offerings, including education in Latin, Geometry, and various team sports on an isolated country estate. Inkle has also teased a scholarship opportunity for a candidate from a lower-class background, with more information on the curriculum to come later this year.

Rather than traditional screenshots, Inkle has shared pages from the school’s prospectus, detailing its history, sports programs, and a mysterious image of someone falling through the school’s Rose Window. Miss Mulligatawney’s School for Promising Girls is slated for a Steam release this year, with plans for a Switch and iOS launch in the future.

Fans of Inkle’s unique storytelling and genre-blending can look forward to unraveling the mystery at this intriguing educational institution. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new game from the innovative developers at Inkle.