“wearing What You doing there on your wrist?”, I was asked several times, when I am walking around in the warm summer weather without a shirt sleeve. This watch is striking that close to five inches in diameter and as thick as my index finger: the new “Marq Expedition” by Garmin.

she also falls into the weight is 87 grams, almost as heavy as a bar of chocolate (with silicone bracelet 94 grams) and bulky as a Smartwatch. However, you can also more. This “Tool Watch” enthusiasts is one of five different versions of the Marq-collection with which the American company Garmin is aimed at special target groups: the “Aviator” to pilots, the “Athlete” to athletes or the “Expedition” of Outdoor.

The eye-catcher in the titanium case with brown Vacchetta leather bracelet “is made to bring you higher and further – even under extreme conditions”, – stated in the enclosed brochure. “Perfect for all the hate to it stop, to conquer the world.” The but cost: For the chic timepiece Gramin requires proud 1750 Euro. Cheaper to buy on the net, is not. The watch is only get from the manufacturer and watch boutiques.

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In the Alps, we want to attract the high-tech at a period of the test while Hiking and mountain climbing under. But first of all, it is ran to the power outlet, the battery is charged via USB and the basic settings set. The latter is done in a few minutes, because in the attached Mini-brochure explains the function assignment of the buttons briefly. The control is done as usual via the buttons by Touch Display.


The Display: with map (left), Normal (middle) and visual interpretation (right)


the menu appears on the first pass, logically structured, with a variety of Widgets, such as Timer, Alarm, payment function and the Apps and activities such as mountain Biking, snowboarding, Navigation, map. But I can guess already the Abundance of options, such as pulse oximeter, heart rate, weather data, Barometer and GPS records. Soon, a instructions for use get confused in the depth of the menus and search: The is the heavy metal packaging of the device is not beige. I must you to search for the Internet as a PDF Download, and push to 50 engbeschriebe DIN-A4-pages.

Only then did I find the first note on the Garmin Connect App, so I can pair the Expedition with the Smartphone, and later the data is transferred. But, shucks: On the Display of my watch the in the instructions shown in the Widget with the phone Icon missing, of all things to pair it with my already from Fitness Tracker created a Garmin account. When I give it up for a long time, appears contrary to expectations, the “phone” symbol and the Pairing succeeds via Bluetooth.

to visit is in the nature of

Out in the practice of a five-day Tour in a secluded area in the Swiss mountains, without a hut, the valley or the village with power supply. In the Ticino, Centovalli, I get off the train and enter the station attributed to the height above sea level in the PM: 552 meters. I’m active in the Hiking mode and see thanks to the built-in altimeter to the continuous amount of profit.


Animated Display, the “Garmin Marq Expedition”: Today the 402 meters in altitude done.

©ill Bartels

in the Evening I can take a reading from the sum of ascents and descents, as well as the maximum heart rate. Speaking of Reading: The Display is on all days, in contrast to some of the Smartwatch as the ideal, no matter whether in the twilight or in the glare of the sun on the glacier. Never too bright or too dark. With 240 by 240 pixels, it is sharp enough.

As I climb the next day up the mountain-mode to activate, I notice that the GPS function eats up energy. At the end of the second day, battery shows me at only 50 percent. On the third day I connect at night the “Expedition” to the backpack carrying Powerbank. Anyone who disables the display of the seconds hand or the Expedition mode, saves energy and is said to be able to track his Route over the next few weeks.

in the Middle of Nowhere: helpful Navigation

More for the fun of it I press on a Morning, the function “around me”, as I slip from the tent above the tree line. Far and wide nothing but mountains, forests and meadows. After a Minute, the location is determined, the Display shows the correct map and to the Surprise of a Symbol with a knife and fork, with Nearly two kilometers, there are up to a hut.

Test Fitbit Alta HR in the endurance test, What is the fitness band on your wrist really

good By Till Bartels Which proves to be empty of people and unused, but has open doors and a kitchen for self-catering. Here, you can provide everyone with drinks that can be purchased against that ejected cash in the hut Fund. The resourceful Navigation of the Garmin with pre-installed map of Europe proves to be a hit, although I have not purchased the add-on package with the detailed “Topo Switzerland Pro” for 359 Euro.

Wealth of opportunity

In the Navigation one of the Strengths of the high-tech watch is: It routes and create waypoints to mark. In the Display the current Position via Live Tracking, and the target will be displayed. Arrows point you in the right direction. It has missed the target, it vibrates on the wrist. I had not turned off the function once and didn’t know why the PM demanded shaking so much attention.

Back in civilization, the digital data collected could be quickly on the phone to transfer. The evaluation with the Connect App shows me, however, is hardly news compared to the Vivosmart bracelet from Garmin. But Funny: In a day I put back the mountains, 351 floors, uphill and 381 floors downhill.


evaluation with the Garmin Connect App: “On this day, you had almost no moments of rest”


conclusion: The “Garmin Marq Expedition” is a serious Jack of all trades when Trekking in the mountains. What the clock has on it, you will learn only when you read the list of the technical data on the Homepage.

No wonder I lose myself in the nested menu more and more. Instead of attached a promotional glossy brochure I’ve missed but a graphical Overview of the menu structure and guidance that is tailored to the specific needs of hikers, mountain bikers or triathletes. For the proud price of 1750 euros you could ask for.

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