Whether or not personal preferences, vacation photos, or one of our Dating behavior: In the Internet there are plenty of service providers who know intimate Details about us. What use could be made of these data in theory, we don’t want to often know better. A security researcher has now discovered a database that makes it in a shocking way to be aware of.

1.8 million women lists on a Chinese IP address to the accessible, English-language database, on the security expert Victor Gevers randomly stumbled. The content: full name, age, residential addresses, telephone numbers, identity card numbers. This includes information about the relationship status, political orientation and level of education. The two scariest entries of any woman’s list: “Has Video” and “breeding ready” (in the Original: breed ready), what is believed to be a bizarre Translation for fertility. Most of the records come from women from Beijing.

Absher With this App, the Saudis monitor their wives, but the turn brings the tables to painted Mans Who is behind the women’s collection?

But what is behind it? “We don’t know what the database is intended to be. And this is the part of the makes us the most concern,” said Gevers who works for the nonprofit GDI Foundation, the Tech magazine “The Verge”. The women are of the evaluation suggest that between 15 and 95 years old, 90 percent were Single. The women that were rated as “breeding ready”, were between 18 and 39 years old.

In the Chinese networks and Twitter ruled the explanation quickly Unity: The Internet users suspect the Chinese government is behind the database. As a result of to 2015 decades, to be applicable to the One-child policy, the country struggles with the rates of declining of birth. Because many parents wanted to have in this time, rather have a son than a daughter, has been the abortion of many girls or killed, the country has a serious men-in Surplus. Whether since the first Reports more accessible side was really meant to monitor women of childbearing potential, but can of course not confirm.

where the data is coming from the database, is also unknown. It is striking that some of the women’s Facebook Profiles were linked. The network is blocked in China, can only be achieved by obfuscation methods. Gevers suspected Social networks, and rogue web pages as data sources. He uses the case as an appeal against the Big Data referred to a Trend to collect more and more data and systematically evaluate it. “This is much more than China. It is a global Problem that we must tackle. All Nations (including China) should stop this madness with Big Data. At the end of this path, there are only tears.”