Yandex and Sberbank stop the development of joint ventures. Search campaign will redeem the Bank’s share, 45% in “Yandex.Market” for 42 billion rubles, and the Bank in turn buys the share of Yandex, 25% in the payment system “Yandex.Money” for 2.4 billion rubles.

Sberbank began to develop a joint venture with Yandex in 2012 with the acquisition of the payment system “Yandex.Money,” then came the joint venture on the basis of “Yandex.Market”, and last summer became aware of the conflict of Sberbank and “Yandex”, which eventually ended with the termination of a partnership. And no matter what the wave didn’t break up the company, but in the face of Sberbank now “Yandex” has received strong and hardly complacent-minded competitor in all segments of the Internet market. This is due to complicated structure of joint work with another competitor “Yandex” — Mail.Ru Group. The Duo competes with the search company on several technology markets is an e — commerce services with advanced logistics in the regions, delivery of food, “smart” column with voice assistants, online taxi, car sharing, online video, and less noticeable, including cloud-based services, image recognition and speech, and even the creation of drones.

“Yandex” also spoke about the implications of the coronavirus for their business, in particular the decline in ad revenue, the increased revenue from media services, and food delivery. But overall in the second quarter, expects a net loss of $ 4.5 billion and allowed for a decrease in revenues.

a Database of millions of users Telegram came to the Darknet. File size 900 MB contains unique user IDs and phone numbers. Edition of our “cat Durov” checked the file and found in it the room even your employees. How many users were in the database as yet unknown, but the screenshot shows that it contains over 40 million records. In Telegram reporters confirmed the act of the existence of the database and explained that this information is collected via the built-in function to import contacts even when you check. This is possible in any instant messenger that allows users to chat with contacts from your phonebook. Telegram also stressed that more than half of the merged contacts are out of date, as more than 84% of the data collected until mid-2019. According to the mission of the messenger — 70% of the accounts in the database, users from Iran, 30% from Russia.

Text: To.Hi-tech