Largest Bank and the search engine still diverge. Yandex and Sberbank, the share of joint it projects and will be able to do so in the month of June. Talking about “Yandex.Market”, “Yandex.Place”, “Take” and “Yandex.Money.”

Indirectly, this information the publication of The Bell “Vedomosti” said the first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Lev Khasis. He confirmed that the company does negotiate on restructuring of joint ventures. In “Yandex” said the company is considering various options for the possible restructuring, that is not confirmed, nor denied.

the divorce of Sberbank and “Yandex” started talking a year ago, when the search engine came out of a Bank card in the ecosystem plus with Sberbank, and its two major competitors “Alfa-Bank” and “Tinkoff” now, according to The Bell, “Yandex” in a few weeks will buy from the “savings Bank” its share in the joint company “Yandex.Market”, which includes the actual service “Yandex.Market” and the marketplace “Take”. But “Yandex.Money” apparently depart “savings Bank”, there it companies only a quarter of the shares. Will you have service, the former name is unknown, is more interesting, as they say in the terms of the agreement between Sberbank and “by Yandex”, “Yandex” can’t develop their own interproekt.

Now this restriction will be removed, I recall a few months ago in the media appeared information that Yandex is preparing to launch the service for investment in conjunction with VTB and by the way from VTB divorce with Sberbank, says The Bell will cost “Yandex” in a large amount. At the time, the Bank has invested in “Yandex.Market” 30 billion rubles, but, according to analysts, during this time, the business has grown by half, and the repurchase of shares from Sberbank and further development of the company “Yandex” can raise capital just Bank VTB is interested in developing joint projects with Yandex, and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich through his company Millhouse.

And Sberbank, in turn, actively RAswivet partnership with the largest competitor “Yandex” – Mail.Ru Group. The company created a joint venture in the field of online to offline taxi, food delivery, food, car sharing and so on. As “Vedomosti”, a partnership with a competitor might just become one of the causes of divorce from “Yandex”. Also Yandex and Sberbank began to compete in other segments. For example, the Bank acquired almost half of shares of Rambler Group, which owns online cinema Okko, a competitor of “Kinopoisk” from “Yandex” and the server “Rambler-cashier”, the competitor “Yandex.Bill”.

the Unexpected news from the world of smartphones. A description of the symbols, which when installed on the operating system Android as Wallpaper can literally kill the phone. It concerns manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Nokia and Xiaomi, like Huawei device from the curse spared. It turned out that the problem lies in the light the standard picture. If the image does not match, then the device is included in a cyclic reboot. In some cases it does not help any utility to restore and only one full reset losing all not raised in the data cloud. It journalists write, what Google Android developer knows about the problem for several years, but the fix will only be in new versions of Android 11, which will be released later, yet suggest no suspicious Wallpaper on your desktop not installed.

Another news – pleasant. YouTube-project of our channel scored a record 5 million subscribers, and the fifth million took just three and a half months. Unique viewers of our content in April, the video has counted 38 million people, and the number of views per month has reached more than 250 million

Text: To.Hi-tech